Organizing a family trip can cause major headaches. Going from organizing trips as a couple or trips with friends in which practically everything doesn’t matter to you, to organizing trips with children, pets… etc. is not always as simple as it seems.

Sometimes the list of conditions to take into account is too long and means that we have to spend hours and hours looking for alternatives for a short break or for a trip that in principle should be easy to organize. Like everything, this is also a matter of practice, and as you organize trips you learn some tricks to do it much faster, easier and cheaper.

Don’t travel without insurance

The first advice is that you always travel with insurance if you go outside your country. We have already had some bad experience and with children it is much worse. I leave you here this one with which you are not going to have problems and they also give you a discount for being readers.

Driving is tiring, but organizing an alternative for a family trip is much more tiring

To travel abroad with children we love cruises but to travel around in the car still seems the most practical. Despite being in love with the AVE, the independence of traveling by car and being able to throw the house on your back at the last moment is not surpassed by any transport. Traveling by plane can be faster if everything goes well, but how many times does everything go well? 😉

Compare prices, schedules, look for transportation from the airport, add the extra luggage, what do you do with the car, go look! half an hour flying and now we land at the other terminal, we have 45 minutes of transit left on the plane… and remember to wait for the bags to come out! Does it ring a bell? Why now a 500km trip doesn’t seem so tiring anymore?

If you do more than 300km split the trip

Most of the time I talk to other parents who travel, they tell me that they take advantage of the night when they have to travel distances of more than 500km. This is great so the kids can sleep and you can make the trip with quicker stops, but what about when you get to your destination? When they wake up with fully charged batteries and you want to get to bed? The first day give it up, you will have enough to stay awake.

We like to divide the trips into sections of about 300km . Just enough time to travel while the child is taking a nap and without accumulating much fatigue. They are no longer your typical horror movie-looking roadside hotels. In addition, these hotels are usually much cheaper than accommodation in tourist areas. A good option is to look for a passing hotel that is not far from a place of interest and take advantage of the day to walk around the area. I assure you that it is much more relaxed than arriving at your destination after 7 hours of driving.

The more hours you spend choosing accommodation, the more expensive it will be

It does not fail, even if you think that searching and searching will help you find a bargain, nothing is further from reality. The more you search, the more doubts. The more doubts, the more alleged needs. The more hours you spend on the same website, the more times the “last room” sign will appear, “there are 15 more people watching” “you will see what you do…” And you know what happens when this happens…. In the end you fall and book anything, so I am going to give you two more tips so that you can choose a good and cheap accommodation quickly .

Always look for accommodation that allows you to be as independent as possible.

When you travel as a family (especially with children) this is something that makes the difference between enjoying a vacation or suffering from a vacation . We are in favor of looking for rural houses or apartments where we do not have to worry about anything. In which we have basic equipment as soon as we arrive and, if possible, with external land.

The latter may seem very expendable but, if you do not want to look for alternatives to travel without your pet, having a space where you can be somewhat freer or where children can also entertain themselves, is always a point in favor. You never know how much free time you will have or if something unforeseen will arise.

Filtering is much better than searching.

Finding cheap accommodation like the one I was telling you about is easier than it seems. Instead of wasting time on 30 websites, use a comparator that has good filters. When we look for rural houses of this type, we usually use the  comparator. Apart from the fact that it searches directly in all the portals for apartments and rural houses, it has two options that I particularly love: the “outer space” filter (almost no portal has it) and that it shows all the real results on the map without having to enter one by one (I hate when the maps of results fill me with no availability for what I have searched for).

Always travel to destinations out of season

There will be those who prefer to go to Benidorm in August with the children to relax, but we are more of looking north in autumn, even at the risk of rain one day. Remember that family vacations are not for marathon routes through all the city’s monuments. If you travel to disconnect for a few days and you are only going to visit a couple of places under cover, it is not so inconvenient if it rains a little.

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