Scandinavia is a unique place in the world. It is a region with many islands and seven countries, the largest of which are Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Although having common characteristics, all these countries have a unique personality. Traveling in the Nordic countries allows you to relax and forget everything…

Two more than enough reasons to explore the Nordic countries.

1.- Norway

Visiting Norway is a must if you really want to experience a trip to the Nordic countries. You will discover an exceptional gastronomy, impressive and almost virgin landscapes, as well as the heritage left by a great people of explorers: the Vikings.

Nature in Norway

Norway is the land of fjords: long, narrow inlets formed long ago by glacial erosion. You wouldn’t dream of visiting New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty, or going to Paris without taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower. The same applies to the Norwegian fjords. Nothing better than a boat trip to admire these majestic peaks and waterfalls. You will be able to take incredible quantities of photos and soak up the wild beauty of these rocky escarpments at your leisure. One of the most famous fjords, the Geirangerfjord , is a place for national tourist hikes. It has even been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cities for all tastes

Visiting Norway’s cities is just as enjoyable as visiting its mountains. The larger cities, Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger are perfect for following urban historical routes or simply to enjoy the vibrant energy of the crowd after a stay in the great outdoors. It is not for nothing that Deltavangerwas elected European Capital of Culture. This city is home to an impressive number of museums and organizes many cultural events. Its perfectly preserved historic quarter is the starting point for scenic hikes to Kjeragbolten and Preikestolen (the priest’s pulpit). This will not have escaped your notice: a trip to the Nordic countries offers you the opportunity to forget yourself surrounded by nature… or to melt into the heart of the crowd.

Norway’s second largest city, Bergen , is perhaps the most photogenic place in the world. The colorful houses in the city center with their particular shape, the impressive fish market, the small cafes frequented by the locals, the seven mountains that protect the city… all these things make Bergen an extremely welcoming city that will make you want to discover more.

And to end your trip to the Nordic countries in Norway, don’t miss spending a few days in Oslo  : you won’t regret it! Here you can fully enjoy nature, culture, design and plenty of entertainment. This city is dotted with architectural works that should not be missed, such as the Oslo Opera House, the open-air statue museum in Vigeland Park, the Viking Ship History Museum, and many other things. Again. Each of your trips to Norway will bring new discoveries. So get ready to nurture a lasting relationship with this incredible country.

2.- Finland: the winter republic

Finland, Lapland in the lead, is the republic of winter, snow, and deer. It is a must-visit destination if you plan to travel to the Baltic. Its capital, Helsinki , is of course an ideal place for those who want to take advantage of the assets of the big city and its many tourist attractions. But Finland is also a multitude of small towns and villages where you can discover all the authenticity of local life. They are legion. There is for example the small town of Savonlinna , located in a very beautiful region in the center of the country. In the center of the city, a 15th century fortress awaits you with its three towers. Be sure to leave the capital for a one-day getaway.

The medieval city of Turku is the oldest in Finland. You can see its castle (Finland is well known for its castles), its cathedral, and take a short walk on the Aura river. Lined with welcoming restaurants and elegant buildings, it is traversed by pleasure boats. You can also admire different works of art: a perfect plan to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Salla is another place out of the ordinary. It’s a small town lost in the middle of nowhere, not far from the border between Finland and Russia. You won’t find it easily on a map, as the nearest station is 76 km away. It is however an ideal place for the practice of winter sports and more particularly of the ski.

And since you’re in Finland, don’t miss driving a sled pulled by huskies or reindeer. And since it was a question of going to the Nordic countries to relax… don’t forget to go to a Finnish sauna, or to admire the aurora borealis. After a week in this country, you will probably understand why the Finnish language has no less than 40 words to say snow.

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