Need a one-on-one disconnect? Take a few days and escape to one of the most beautiful cities on the Old Continent. From the Baltic to the gates of the Mediterranean, European cities compete in architectural treasures and taste discoveries. So rather want a romantic break by the sea? Or maybe a shortened honeymoon? Draw inspiration from these fifteen destinations for your next city break in Europe.


Rich in a dizzying heritage, the capital of the Czech Republic can be discovered as one crosses the pages of a history book of Central Europe. Thus, Prague lifts the veil on all the beauty of the ancient kingdom of Bohemia.

In the “city of a hundred steeples”, you embark on a stroll between colorful Baroque buildings , Gothic turrets and vineyards in the heart of the city.

Weekend in Prague - View of Charles Bridge at dusk

City break in Europe: the must-sees of Prague

The discovery begins on the Place de la Vieille Ville , where the imposing bell towers of the Church of Notre-Dame border the most famous astronomical clock in Europe. Not far away, the emblematic Charles Bridge joins the cobbled streets of Malá Strana , which towers over Prague Castle.

The little-known gem: to the south of Prague, the Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul reveals astonishing Art Nouveau influences mixed with neo-Gothic elements.

For two: admire Prague illuminated during a dinner cruise along the Vltava , lulled by the instruments of live musicians.


Budapest is one of the most popular cities for a city break in Europe. And with good reason, because the Hungarian capital combines both cultural wonders and a party atmosphere.

No wonder, in a city where unusual bars in ruins are a must. Before toasting, however, the city has some lovely visits in store for you, including charming churches and synagogues , not to mention a palace-like parliament .


Weekend for two: Budapest must-sees

A crossing of Budapest’s famous suspension bridge takes you to Budavár Palace . On the Buda side, the view is sublime over the Danube. Not far away, the colorful tiles of Matthias Church rub shoulders with the astonishing Fisherman’s Bastion and its panoramic promenade.

The museum not to be missed: the House of Terror retraces the turbulent history of Budapest in the 20th century, in turn under the yoke of the Nazi and then Soviet occupiers.

For two: book a romantic massage for two in Budapest’s most elegant thermal baths, the Széchenyi baths .


Fancy a city break in Europe lulled by the sun  ? Heading for Lisbon. In addition to its idyllic climate, the Portuguese capital also embodies the definition of the sweetness of life .

So you stroll through the steep streets of colorful neighborhoods  adorned with azulejos before climbing to the walls of an Arab fortress. And in the evening, the streets come alive with fado concerts.

City break in Europe - View of the Alfama in Lisbon

Getaway to Europe: Lisbon’s must-sees

 Get on an antique tram, head for the Belém district . There, marvel at the ornamental splendor of the Jeronimos Monastery . Then, stroll along the sea to the famous Belém Tower , without forgetting to taste a tasty pastel de nata.

The little-known gem: lovers of old stones, push the door of the Carmelite convent . In the heart of Rossio , these medieval ruins reveal a melancholy beauty.

To live together: take a few candles in your bag and enjoy a picnic on the beach in Cascais .


Breathtaking heritage , delicious gastronomy , affordable prices. Seville seems to combine all the attractions, all lulled by a radiant climate. It is therefore no surprise that the Andalusian capital ranks as one of the best city breaks in Europe.

For a weekend, Seville is the perfect destination for sunbathing and enjoying the Spanish way of life. And when it comes to visits, Moorish palaces and Gothic cathedrals weave an enchanting web.

City trip in Europe: the essentials of Seville

Set with ceramics, the Plaza de España is the nerve center of Seville. From there, it is easy for you to shine as far as the mythical Alcázar palace, or the no less legendary bell tower-minaret of Giralda .

The atypical experience: Seville has the only museum in the world dedicated to the art of flamenco, accompanied by a show in a traditional tablao in the heart of the historic center.

 For two: treat yourself to a timeless moment in an ancient Arab bath at AIRE Ancient Baths.


On a city break in Europe, what if your path led to Rome? The Eternal City is undoubtedly one of the most legendary cities in the world. In the heart of Lazio , Rome takes you on a journey through twenty centuries of history.

The ruins of ancient Rome , of course, bear witness to the prestige of one of the most powerful empires of all time. In addition to its ancient glory, the city also amazes for its villas like its art galleries. And from piazzas to fountains, the Roman dolce vita can be savored together.

Weekend in Europe - View of the Colosseum and Rome

European stay for two: the essentials of Rome

In Rome, it is quicker to wonder what is not unavoidable than the reverse. From the Colosseum to the Circus Maximus , from the Vatican to the Trevi fountain , three days are not too much to explore the most legendary sites in the city.

The unmissable point of view: on the sides of the Aventine hill , the Jardin des Orangers offers you a magical panorama over the city of seven hills.

To live together: at sunset , take a walk along the Sisto bridge. Spanning the Tiber, this stone arch shows the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome as a backdrop.


Athens, this name alone awakens the imagination. Because the Greek capital is none other than one of the oldest cities of the Old Continent, and the aura of its ancient remains continues to enchant visitors. So from forum to odeon, you follow in the footsteps of Pericles and Socrates.

But Athens also vibrates with modern museums , as well as neighborhoods with Ottoman and Byzantine heritage. There, a taste break is a must in a traditional tavern. And no need to sulk your pleasure because Athens is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.

City break in Europe - Place Monastiraki d'Athèes

A romantic getaway: the must-sees of Athens

The Parthenon makes you enjoy the view of the ruins of Olympion or the Roman forum . The descent passes through the white houses of Anafiótika , before taking you to the Archaeological Museum of the Acropolis .

The unforgettable point of view: the view of the Acropolis is incomparable from the hill of Filopappou . And all along a path lined with pine trees, churches and little-frequented remains lend themselves to an intimate break.

For two: treat yourself to a getaway with a sea view at Cape Sounion . Awaiting you there is one of the most atmospheric ruins in Greece, the Temple of Poseidon.


Copenhagen is a bit of an open window on Scandinavian culture. And the postcard decor of the Danish capital does not spoil anything. What’s more, this city on a human scale lends itself to strolling on foot or by bike , and even by kayak  !

The setting is therefore set for a walk along its picturesque canals , interspersed with gardens and museums. Copenhagen also reveals a face turned towards modernity, between design districts and pioneering gastronomy .

Weekend in Europe - Port of Copenhagen

City break in Europe: the must-sees of Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, visitors rarely leave without having seen the Little Mermaid. Equally water-oriented, the port of Vyhavn offers a photogenic ride. You can then continue to the Renaissance castle of Rosenborg , before concluding with a stop in the fresh air at Tivoli Gardens .

The unusual discovery: a remnant of a social experiment dating back to the 1970s, the free neighborhood of Christiana abounds with cafes and restaurants where you can observe the extravagances of a unique neighborhood.

To live together: offer your other half an unforgettable moment in one of the best restaurants on the planet , Noma.


Crossed by canals , Bruges has not usurped its nickname of Venice of the North. Of course, a boat trip is a must to sail past the weeping willows and Baroque monuments. There, in the heart of Flemish Belgium, the city reveals medieval buildings and richly colored facades.

In Bruges, the best program is therefore to let yourself be carried through a maze of cobbled streets. Along the way, stop off at a waffle vendor or a family brewery off the beaten track.

European Romantic Weekend: Bruges Must-Sees

The walk often begins in the shadow of the Markt belfry . You then have access to the most beautiful buildings in the heart of Bruges, from the Saint-Sauveur Cathedral to the houses on the Quai du Rosaire.

The unusual visit: who says Belgium, says chip shop. So push the door of the Frietmuseum to learn more about the inimitable Flemish fries.

To live together: who says Belgium, also says chocolate. And for a cocoa tasting in Bruges, you are spoiled for choice among sixty chocolatiers.


Bikes , canals , exhibitions . Here is roughly the winning trio of a weekend in Amsterdam. The Dutch capital turns out to be one of the most pleasant cities of the Old Continent. The pretty houses follow the green spaces , and the parks follow the squares where you can have a drink.

Once you’re on your bicycle, as local custom dictates, you’ll also criss-cross the trendiest neighborhoods of a city that doesn’t deny itself a few eccentricities. Thus, there is never more than a pedal stroke from the sulphurous red light district to the most beautiful canvases of Dutch painters.

City break in Europe - Bikes parked in front of Amsterdam canals

European city trip: the essentials of Amsterdam

If you love museums, Amsterdam has it all. Van Gogh or Rembrandt  Museum ? Rijksmuseum and its masterpieces of European art? Dive into history in the Anne Frank House Museum  ? And why not all at once with a city pass.

The unusual experience: of course, Amsterdam generally rhymes with coffee shops. But the city has many other atypical discoveries, like disused churches converted into nightclubs.

To live together: want an original film session for two? Watch a film in the exceptional setting of the Art Deco Tuschinski theatre.


On a city break in Europe, you would prefer to avoid the rain. Except in Edinburgh. In the Scottish capital, mist is an essential ingredient in the mysterious atmosphere of a haunted old graveyard. Just like the so British atmosphere of cobbled streets surrounded by venerable pubs.

Moreover, nothing like waiting for the end of a downpour while sipping a whisky. And when the fog finally dissipates, the medieval buildings of the Old Town emerge more majestic than ever.

Weekend in Europe - View from the heights of Edinburgh

Urban weekend in Europe: the must-sees of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle provides a great introduction, accompanied by the stunning vantage point of Princes Street Gardens . Then, a foray into the National Museum of Scotland is offered to you, or perhaps an underground stroll at Mary King’s Close.

The nature stage: hiking enthusiasts can meet on the hill of Arthur’s Seat for a trip of a few hours in the Scottish moors.

To live together: an afternoon tea in Scotland, yes, but not just any. Take tea for two in the courtyard of the neoclassical Palace of Holyroodhouse.


Do you dream of fairytale castles and mountains as far as the eye can see? Here you have the description of Salzburg. Austria’s fourth largest city nestles at the foot of the Alps. There, majestic palaces rub shoulders with art museums and former abbeys.

And music lovers are not left out, because Salzburg is one of the world capitals of classical music. A well-deserved title for the cradle of Mozart, which perpetuates this tradition of orchestras in dinner-concerts.

One-on-one in Europe: Salzburg must-sees

The Hohensalzburg fortress unfolds its characteristic silhouette at the top of the city. Below, a pleasant walk runs along Mozart’s birthplace to the gardens of Mirabell Castle .

The getaway in the great outdoors: nestled in greenery, Salzburg offers many hikes. You can thus join the Gaisberg path from the heart of the city, before recharging your batteries along typical Austrian landscapes.

For two: watch the sun rise over Salzburg Cathedral at the top of Mönschberg , a small haven of tranquility overlooking the city.


France and city break in Europe often rhyme with Paris. Nevertheless, there are more original weekend destinations in France. Lyon is thus proving to be a charming alternative to the frenetic pace of the capital.

Cradled by the Rhône and the Saône, the capital of the Gauls notably offers a getaway on a human scale. Thus, you can enjoy its Renaissance heritage as well as its museums without ever getting on a metro train. Not to mention, of course, a gastronomic stopover in a Lyon cork.

City trip in France - View of Old Lyon and Fourvière

European city trip: the essentials of Lyon

The largest Renaissance complex after Venice, Old Lyon alternates between 16th century buildings and picturesque traboules. Winding stairs and gardens with a view then take you to the forecourt of the Fourvière basilica , not far from Gallo-Roman remains.

The green break: head to the Parc de la Tête d’Or for a picnic, before renting a pedal boat or strolling through the flowery paths of the rose garden.

For two: make a custom-made fragrance by taking part in a perfumery workshop in a perfume bar.


Krakow is one of the most charming cities in Central Europe. Thus, the former Polish capital can boast of an extraordinary heritage. From cathedrals to commercial halls , the spans of the Old Town are a haven of beauty.

Krakow is also an essential stopover for any modern history buff . Thus, the city makes you navigate in some streets of Gothic architecture in poignant testimonies of the last century.

City break in Europe - Krakow Main Square

Weekend in Europe: the must-sees of Krakow

If the market place marks the central point of the city, some unmissable sites of Krakow are much more remote. The Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site thus requires planning at least half a day to visit.

The atypical excursion: today unexploited, the salt mines of Wieliczka constitute a discovery filled with mysteries at the gates of Krakow.

For two: Seeing Krakow from below is a feast for the eyes, but a hot air balloon ride over the city adds an even more fabulous note to a romantic weekend.


Are you thinking of a city break in Europe in a city in constant turmoil  ? So few European cities are able to compete with Berlin. Indeed, the German capital is famous for its boundless creativity.

Alternative places abound there, from open-air museums to punk districts, not to mention retro cafés and electro clubs. However, nature is never far away. Thus, Berlin asserts itself as one of the greenest cities in the world.

European weekend - Aerial view over Berlin

Escape to Europe: Berlin’s must-sees

At Checkpoint Charlie or the Brandenburg Gate , the history of Berlin merges with the major events of the 20th century. The dynamism of the reinvented city is all the more poignant in the face of the remains of the former Berlin Wall , or the rebuilt Reichstag .

The cultural getaway: fond of exhibitions, the island of Museums offers you no less than five museums to explore.

For two: travel back in time for a romantic dinner at Charlottenburg Palace , accompanied by a Baroque orchestra in period costumes.


The Baltic countries are a little piece of Europe that is still little known. However, these three countries offer sublime city breaks in Europe. Tallinn , Estonia boasts a dazzling medieval heritage. Riga , in Latvia, turns out to be the capital of Art Nouveau.

As for Vilnius , the capital of Lithuania paints an enchanting picture of Baroque monuments and fairy-tale households . The icing on the cake, the local specialties delight the taste buds, as does the famous Lithuanian beer.

Europe Weekend - Vilnius Avenue

City break in Europe: the essentials of Vilnius

Perched on a hill, the Tower of Gediminas embraces the entire city. All you have to do is go back down to visit the monumental ensemble of Vilnius University , or even the red-brick Saint Anne Church .

The unusual walk: go stamp your passport in the republic of Uzupis , a utopian district with a bohemian atmosphere.

For two: take a deep breath of fresh air on an excursion to Trakai Castle and stroll along its bucolic lake.

A desire for a city break in Europe? European cities weave an idyllic setting for a romantic weekend. Some couples even choose to organize a honeymoon getaway there, or even an earlymoon honeymoon a few months before the wedding. 

So, need to disconnect? Bet on Europe to fill up on romantic discoveries on a trip for two.

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