The best carnivals in the world are those that offer the greatest opportunities for participation, fun, color, music, and events to which everyone is invited. Here are our 4 favorite carnivals. Take your mask and let’s dance…

The best carnivals in Europe

The Carnival of Venice      


It’s hard not to start this little list of the best carnivals in the world without mentioning Venice. It’s the fanciest carnival on the planet. Hundreds of people throng this floating city and ride in gondola dressed in rich costumes and masks that cost a small fortune. It is true that the Venetians spend the entire year making their outfits.

It is therefore no coincidence that the Venice carnival has served as the setting for many films and that Edgar Allan Poe chose the streets of this city during carnival time as the setting for a horror story: La Barrel d ‘Amontillado . But don’t worry, Venice is a very safe city.

Just make sure your costume lives up to the very high standards this city is known for, because Venetians take this holiday very seriously. They will not disappoint you. So make sure you don’t disappoint them either.

Carnival in Tenerife

The Canaries are one of the Spanish tourist destinations where the carnival tradition is deeply rooted. In Tenerife, the carnival lasts a whole week. People dress up in a different costume every day to go to public parades and private parties. But the spectacle par excellence is that of the election of the queen of the carnival.

The contenders for the title parade, wearing outfits weighed down by the weight of feathers and precious stones that are true architectural creations. A jury chooses the best costume, the best make-up, and the participant who wears them best. Coming to the great carnival in Tenerife is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

The twin brother of the Carnival of Tenerife is that of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They elect not only the queen of the carnival, but also that of the drag queens. Queens whose mere presence is enough to attract all eyes. Their costumes, their makeup, their way of dancing will amaze you. As for the climate of the Canary Islands, it is always ideal.

The best carnivals in the Americas

Bolivia: the land of La Diablada

If Mexico is one of the best destinations to celebrate Halloween, the Day of the Dead, Bolivia is a well-known destination for those who want to experience a different carnival.

The Carnival of Oruro has been classified as a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. It mixes Christian traditions, local traditions, and ancient customs inherited from Greece and Rome.

Although the carnival is celebrated everywhere in Bolivia, it is in Oruro that one can attend one of the most beautiful carnivals of this country and even of the world. On February 2, crowds gather and parade to honor the Virgin of Candelaria and people dance in the streets at a party called La Diablada .

This festival is so important that it brings together some 10,000 musicians and 30,000 dancers. A happy tohubohu that should not be missed if you go to Bolivia at this time.

Brazil: the pearl of world carnivals

When we talk about music, color and celebration, we can’t fail to think of Brazil. And Rio de Janeiro is probably the city you thought of when reading the title of this week’s article. Where else could one find one of the best and most famous carnivals in the world if not in Rio?

In Rio, people take to the streets to experience this celebration with the same passion as the Venetians. But it is a much more popular and open party. Here, more than the costume, it is above all the party that counts. Moreover, the carnival of Rio de Janeiro is not a masked carnival.

The heart of the party is the Sambadrome . Endless parades of musicians and dancers, smiling and vibrating to the rhythm of the samba, pass there for hours. If you want to attend one of the best carnivals in the world and party all night long, Brazil is the place to go.

Now you know the four best carnivals in the world. Some are serious, others unbridled. Some enjoy institutional recognition, while others enjoy a reputation built over the years by word of mouth. Choose the one you prefer. And once you have made your decision, contact us, we will help you prepare the best carnival-themed holiday of your life. But for the costume and the sense of rhythm, it will be up to you.

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