There are various reasons for going to live in Australia: to work, to study, for socio-cultural interests or for having joined a person from that country as a couple. From here, what is the best place to reside in the oceanic country? Based on this analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the main cities in Australia, we have prepared a small guide to choose the best city to live in Australia based on your needs.

The best cities to study in Australia

If you have the opportunity to choose the university in which to study, you should know that in Australia there are cities with a magnificent university offer. We recommend four.

Study in sydney

It’s like going to study at Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. In fact, the city is home to one of the most prestigious cities in the world: NSW University, as well as various private centers such as Kaplan Business School and others highly valued in the Asia-Pacific region. By this we mean that if you are looking for a prestigious degree or master’s degree, Sydney is your city.

This academic attraction is joined by others for which your choice can opt for the popular city:

  • It has a quality and stable climate throughout the year, very similar to that of the Canary Islands.
  • It is also the city with the best and largest number of beaches in the country in a single city.
  • If you have to work to help pay for your studies, Sydney is a city with good opportunities.
  • Although it is an expensive city compared to other smaller ones, the prices for renting housing or rooms are not exorbitant. In addition, thanks to public transport you can live on the outskirts and go to the center to study.
  • The city is surrounded by natural parks, so extracurricular experiences are multiple.

Study in Melbourne

After Sydney, it is the city with the largest population in the country, so it is natural that it has several universities. The most important are Victoria University, Monash University, the University of Melbourne and RMIT technology. All with a good academic offer and great prestige.

From here, why is it also a city in great demand by foreign students? Several reasons:

  • It is the city with the most European atmosphere, in the British style.
  • Its cultural offer is one of the best in the country.
  • There is a very good public transport network, which can allow you to live in the suburbs for a cheaper cost than in the center, where rents are high.
  • A long and well-prepared bike lane has also been developed, which is decongesting the city.
  • Young people and foreign students also choose it for its good offer of nightlife.

Study in Brisbane

To the north of Sydney, Brisbane has everything of the previous cities but it is much cheaper. This has caused it to become the city with the largest number of students from other countries. This academic internationality has also affected the English spoken in the city, not as “Australian” as in the previous ones, especially Melbourne.

Although it does not have the dynamism of Sydney, it is still a large city: more than two million inhabitants. As for academic centers, there are universities as popular as Queensland or James Cook. And the city’s cultural and leisure offer, without being like Melbourne’s, is good and very young-oriented.

It is also a very popular destination for language courses during the summer.

Study in Perth

The fourth and final university town we want to recommend is on the western side of Australia and is the capital of the great state of Western Australia.

If Brisbane speaks a more European English, Perth is even more accessible in that sense due to the large number of English students residing in the city. In addition to having the presence of the main headquarters of the state ballet company, at the university level, there are more than 20 centers. Of all of them, we must highlight the prestigious Kingstown International College or Murdoch University. And the number of degrees is countless.

Other advantages of studying in Perth are:

  • Mediterranean and stable climate.
  • Good beaches for surfing.
  • It is surrounded by a great wealth of flora and fauna.
  • Citizenship is very hospitable.
  • The service sector (hotels and hotels) offers good job opportunities.

The best cities to work in Australia

Again, it will depend on your professional profile and your job aspirations when choosing one city or another. Those mentioned above are economic centers of the country, so the job offer is important. In the case of Perth, in addition to the tourism sector, there is a lot of demand in the mining and construction sectors.

However, the greater the job offer, the greater the competition, so it may be interesting to opt for other populations.

Gold Coast for professionals in the service sector

Attached to the south of Brisbane, this city has become a tourist center of the first order. In addition to having extensive beaches ideal for surfers, taking advantage of some ancient lakes and the Nerang River, the Gold Coast has an impressive network of navigable channels of hundreds of kilometers that extend throughout the city.

To this we must add several large theme parks, shopping centers, day and night entertainment areas and great natural heritage. As is to be expected, the offer of jobs related to the hospitality, hospitality and leisure centers is wide, well paid and it is not required to speak perfect English.

Canberra: technology sector and construction

Being the capital of the country, there is a lot of public work offer or offered by companies related to the state.

The most competitive sectors with the greatest offers are construction and technology in general. Of course, the level of English required is very high.

The cities with the highest level of well-being in Australia

Having academic and labor resources affects the quality of life in a city. But it is also true that the bustle of the big commented cities can reduce the level of well-being. In addition to the sleepy capital of Australia, these are some of the cities with the best standard of living in the country.

live in adelaide

It is the capital of South Australia, famous for its galleries and museums, and also has an important academic offer. It is also very well connected internally and with other areas of the country. And the atmosphere, although cosmopolitan, is very calm, ideal for families.

To this we must add a great natural heritage with numerous parks. It is on the coast and the cost of living is cheap.

Living in Cairns

In the north of the country, the great strength of this coastal city facing the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is its natural wealth. Being already in a tropical zone, the parks, forests and reserves are very numerous and among the most valued in the entire country.

The city also offers activities and cultural centers to learn about the aboriginal life of the original peoples of Australia. This, together with the city’s good beaches, affordable cost of living and hospitable people makes Carins a good place to live.

live in Darwin

The last of the cities that we want to recommend to live is in the Northern Territory, on the coast. In fact, Darwin is the capital of the state. Its name comes from the fact that the place was visited by the HMS Beagle in 1839, an English ship where Charles Darwin was traveling.

Until a few decades ago, the city based its economy on mining and the activity of its port with imports and exports. Today it is also quite a tourist place, so job options are high. The city also has primary schools, institutes and the Charles Darwin University. And best of all: it only has a little over 120,000 inhabitants, so it is a quiet city where finding work is not difficult.

Finally, we must remember that it is true that regulating the situation in Australia is very important to be able to reside and enjoy all the rights. Once that situation is achieved, you will be in one of the countries in the world with the best quality of life.

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