The coast of Asturias is a continuity of fierce cliffs, beautiful fishing villages and beautiful beaches, many of them with a blue flag as can be seen from the air before landing or after taking off from Asturias Airport. Today we are going to talk about beaches, with this list of the best beaches in Eastern Asturias .

Go ahead, the temperatures of the Cantabrian Sea are not exactly those of Punta Cana, but, surrounded by meadows and mountains or flanked by cliffs, the beaches of Asturias are beautiful at any time of the year , whether or not one bathes in them.

1.Mendia Beach (Ribadedeva)

Mendia or Regorgeru Beach is a small and wild beach surrounded by cliffs, difficult to access on foot and that can only be visited in the morning , because when the tide rises the two paths disappear (from Playa de la Franca through the Playa del Vivero or a path from Pimiango) that lead to it.

If you want to stay in the little town of Pimiango, the Valle Obeso Apartments are highly recommended, four independent and fully equipped apartments .La Franca beach, Ribadedeva.

2.La Franca Beach (Ribadedeva)

La Franca Beach is a popular beach in the area, thanks to its whitish sand, and is located at the mouth of the Cabra River, a narrow stream that goes out to the sea to the left of it. Forests and cliffs border Playa de la Franca , but its access is simple and well signposted.

If you want to round off the experience, stay overnight at the Hotel Mirador de La Franca (from €89/night for a double room), a charming four-star establishment on Playa de La Franca.

3.Vidiago Beach (Llanes)

Playa de Vidiago, Novales or Bretones (yes, it is known in all three ways) is a beach with a straight front and pleasant fine sand once you get past the small area of ​​gravel. Its access is divided in two thanks to a rocky outcrop.

If you like to travel in a caravan or with a tent, Camping La Paz has direct access to the beach and most of its plots have a direct view of it.

For those who prefer not to move with the house in tow and are looking for charming accommodation , La Casona de Vidiago is less than 2 km away and offers fully equipped apartments and studios in a 19th-century Asturian mansion.

4.Ballota Beach (Llanes)

Ballota or La Mesa Beach has fine golden sand, has a nudist area and past its western end is a jester. In this context, a jester is a hole in an elevation of land on the coast to which the sea enters from its lower part and the force of the waves makes a powerful jet of water come out of it.Ballota Beach, LlanesBallota Beach, Llanes.

5.Andrín Beach (Llanes)

Andrín Beach is separated from Ballota Beach only by less than 100 m from a natural promontory, Punta el Pendón. Although the small Playa de Andrín is beautiful, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the strong currents and swim with extreme caution.

A recommended accommodation less than 2 km from Andrín Beach and Ballota Beach is the Hotel Balcón de la Cuesta, a charming four-star hotel whose cozy rooms (from €110 for the 1-bedroom Junior Suite) offer beautiful views to the Andrin Valley.

6.Cué Beach (Llanes)

Cué Beach arises thanks to four bites of the Cantabrian Sea, as this peculiar beach is almost closed by three huge rock formations , the largest called “La Islona”.

The small Playa de Cué almost disappears during high tide and at that time it does not have a view of the sea , due to the effect of the angle and the rocks that we have mentioned before. Only at low tide from a small corner of the beach is the Bay of Biscay directly visible (of course, if you don’t mind getting wet, it will be easier).

To stay near Playa de Cué, the closest establishment is the Hotel Migal, 400 m from the sand and with rooms overlooking the green meadows and the beach (from 87 Eur).

7, 8 and 9. San Martín Beach, Portiello Beach and Almenada Beach (Llanes)

When the tide goes out, these three beaches are connected by walking along the sand , which is why I include them together in this list of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

However, at high tide the communication between them and even Playa de la Almenada disappears. Playa de San Martín can become a narrow strip of sand and only Playa del Portiello offers more space for sunbathing.

Access to them requires a 15-minute walk, but the reward is a wild environment with those tongues of sand, rocks and two gigantic islets, Castro San Martín and Isla de la Almenada.

To find accommodation near these three beaches, in Poo, to the east of them, we have the El Camín Hotel and Apartments, with two nights in a double room on weekends from 130 Eur and with breakfast included. It is noteworthy that almost 250 customers have rated it 9.2 out of 10 .

10.Gulpiyuri Beach (Llanes)

We cannot fail to include the small and mysterious Playa de Gulpiyuri in this list of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Asturias .

Perhaps Gulpiyuri Beach is the smallest beach in the world , as it is only about 40 meters long. In addition, the Gulpiyuri Beach practically disappears when the high tide is maximum.

Gulpiyuri Beach, Llanes

Gulpiyuri Beach, Llanes.

But, without a doubt, the most striking thing is that Gulpiyuri Beach does not have direct access to the sea , it is at the bottom of an area of ​​meadows and mountains and the Cantabrian Sea, about 100 m away, only reaches it through gaps between the rocks of the subsoil as the tide rises.

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