• Crystal clear waters, deserted beaches and water and mountain activities in a haute cuisine tourist enclave adapted to the tastes of the most demanding tourists.

Los Cabos is located in the heart of the Mexican Pacific (between the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean) , a privileged geographical area where the desert meets the sea and you can enjoy a unique contrast in the world. Recognized for its natural wealth, this region offers both desert landscapes and luxury service and attention that also includes high-level gastronomy, sports activities and fun, culture and disconnection in equal parts.

It has more than a total of 80 accommodations distributed along the entire coast, each one of them designed for any type of traveler. You can find both luxury hotels and all-inclusive accommodation or simple rooms with sea views. Different options to cover all tastes, preferences and budgets. For those looking for a more private stay, there are vacation rentals reserved only for couples and adults; others will prefer the villas, with personalized attention for a tailor-made vacation. And, of course, endless activities for the whole family and groups of friends.

Its climate is perfect to enjoy different outdoor experiences, since 350 days of the year are sunny in Los Cabos. In summer, maximum temperatures can reach 38 degrees Celsius; while, on winter nights, the mercury can drop to 15 degrees, with maximum temperatures of 27 degrees in the morning.Los Cabos has 350 days of sunshine a year.Los Cabos has 350 days of sunshine a year.

Crystal clear waters, desert beaches and nature

Each area of ​​Los Cabos is distinguished by a landscape and a specific activity. For example, the Pacific region is a trail of impressive beaches, where small towns such as Migriño, Candelaria, Todos Santos and Pescadero are found. You can get to its corners on foot, by car and even riding its waves, because it has all the characteristics for surfing.

Meanwhile, in Cabo de San Lucas is El Arco, one of the most emblematic natural formations in the region where you can spot whales and contemplate the migration of turtles in autumn. In addition, it is also the central point around which many tourist activities revolve thanks to its bars, restaurants and shopping centers.

Connected by the Tourist Corridor, 33 kilometers long with resorts and golf courses, San José del Cabo is located , a place full of culture and local gastronomy. In fact, it is considered a quiet and picturesque place because it preserves the authenticity of a typical Mexican town. Finally, the Eastern Cape is distinguished by its deserted beaches and crystal clear waters, also ideal for surfers and fishermen due to the wide variety of fish that live here: grouper, marlin, sailfish, dorado and tuna. There are also areas in the Sierra de la Laguna, a protected natural area that offers incomparable landscapes towards the mountain area.

Los Cabos is the destination with the most blue flag beaches in Mexico. In addition, more than a quarter of its territory is protected and, therefore, the survival of the flora and fauna that make up the landscape is guaranteed. Specifically, the Sierra de La Laguna is a Biosphere Reserve and special attention is dedicated to the whale sanctuary , as well as to the colonies of sea lions and sea turtles.The whale sanctuary is an ideal place to enjoy nature in all its splendor.The whale sanctuary is an ideal place to enjoy nature in all its splendor.

Local and multicultural gastronomy

As for its gastronomy , this tourist enclave offers its visitors a mixture of flavors with culinary influences from all over the world, the result of the cultural coexistence that it has experienced since its origins. There is also room for the most gourmet experiences by renowned chefs with Michelin stars and, of course, for traditional Mexican cuisine for those in love with spices.

Precisely, if the latter is what you are looking for, you have to make a mandatory stop at Distrito 23400 : a gastronomic space in the heart of San José del Cabo where unique signature dishes are made with ingredients from the region. The gastronomy of Los Cabos receives influences from all over the world.The gastronomy of Los Cabos receives influences from all over the world.

Guaranteed fun at any time

In a paradise known as the ‘End of the Earth’ you can try all kinds of activities. From diving or snorkeling to kayaking, hiking or climbing. There is entertainment for all tastes, including art, music and film festivals . Because Los Cabos never sleeps, when the sun sets and the aquatic and mountain options end, the nightlife begins in bars, discos, establishments with live music.

In addition, this Mexican coast also offers endless options for the little ones and family trips, such as participating in the release of sea turtles, riding on the back of a camel and even swimming with dolphins.

But if what you are looking for is to relax and disconnect from the routine, you can go to one of its luxury spas . There they will provide you with personalized care and natural, ancestral and holistic treatments to balance body, mind and spirit.Golf is an ideal way to unwind and play sports.Golf is an ideal way to unwind and play sports.

Airport and transportation

Getting to this idyllic spot is very simple. There are direct flights from a large part of the Mexican Republic and its airport is only 11 kilometers from San José del Cabo. Once you land, moving around will also be just as easy. There are different car rental companies to find the vehicle that best suits your needs or, if you prefer, you can get around by taxi or Uber. Another option is the public bus.Los Cabos offers unforgettable experiences in a heavenly setting.Los Cabos offers unforgettable experiences in a paradisiacal environment.

Measures against coronavirus

Los Cabos continues to guarantee security against COVID-19 in all its corners. Thus, it maintains hygiene, cleanliness and the use of personal protective equipment throughout the destination with the most robust protocols in the industry to further ensure the health of visitors.

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