While it is true that adventure tourism is very good for physical health, it is no less so for mental health. In addition, this type of travel agrees with social awareness, because it falls into the category of sustainable tourism. This is the reason why this way of traveling is always gaining more followers. We will now detail and analyze the reasons for such enthusiasm.

10 reasons why adventure tourism is good for you.

The purely physical reasons

1.- We clean too much. And when we don’t do it ourselves, we employ someone to do it. Adventure travel usually involves — although not always — some degree of contact with dirt and mud. Scientists agree that the modern obsession with cleanliness has a bearing on the rise in allergies and asthma. Getting dirty could therefore be a good way to develop a more resistant immune system .

2.- Adventure tourism works as a treatment or a means of preventing certain health problems . Doctors recommend resorting to active tourism in the case of pathologies as diverse as heart problems, obesity, or attention disorders. And with our sedentary lifestyle, the holidays are sometimes the only time of year when we can exercise.

3.- Age is not a contraindication to adventure tourism. Let’s take the example of hiking: everyone can practice this activity, just choose a route adapted to the abilities of the hikers.

Reasons related to the brain and emotions

adventure travel

4.- Walking promotes brain development . Various researches have proven this. The size of the hippocampus shrinks after age 50, which leads to memory loss. But on the seahorses of a group of middle-aged adults who took weekly 40-minute walks for a year, an average development of about 2% was found. Adventure tourism therefore has the double advantage of keeping you in better physical and mental shape.

5.- Going on an adventure increases your tolerance for uncertainty . Putting yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned—like on an adventure trip—helps you deal with the uncertainties of everyday life. People who engage in adventure travel are generally more confident and more determined.

6.- Adventure travel allows you to experience, or at least discover, alternative lifestyles without taking risks . One of the most positive aspects of adventure tourism is that it allows you to go beyond your limits and experience what your life could be like in the place of your choice without taking the slightest risk. This kind of adventure tourism used to test a change of life is gaining more and more followers.

7.- Contrary to what one might think, lovers of adventure tourism are more thoughtful than those who do not practice it. Going to Norway to climb the fjords is one thing, doing it without preparation is another. Not everyone is ready to go for a walk in places that make you dizzy. But when adventure seekers do so, they make sure beforehand that they are not taking any risks. This capacity for reflection and this ability to plan things can be transposed into daily life.

8.- Adventure tourism fuels your dreams and boosts your confidence . What’s more, once you start adventurous travel, your body will want more, and the benefits of adventure travel will increase with repetition. Experiencing the desert once will not be enough for you. Your thirst for travel will ask you for more. And when you return from each of these trips, you will feel different. Adventures give you confidence and prepare you for bigger challenges. Little by little, this type of tourism will make you a real adventurer.

Social reasons

9.- Adventure tourism helps you overcome social malaise . Children with a true spirit of adventure are increasingly rare. With ever more family vacations, the passion for travel tends to wane. According to the Outdoor Foundation, youth participation in outdoor activities has steadily declined over the past three years. In return, they go on adventure trips right after adolescence and, of course, into adulthood. The way we live our childhood has changed so much that we now live our adventurous experiences later, which also allows us to enjoy them with a clear conscience.

10.- The ecological impact of adventure tourism on the places visited is less important . In general, groups are smaller and travelers are more aware of their responsibility towards the planet. This is why this type of trip falls into the category of what is called sustainable tourism.

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