When you go on a trip for a considerable period of time – anything from a month can fall into this category – loved ones are left behind, who will wait to be able to talk to you through any of the means that technology has put at our disposal .

Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Viber, email, etc… Some will be able to connect us to our loved ones better than others, and that will be the only way we will have to know how things are going at home, but, above all, to make them share what we are living and know how we are .

I think that the greatest danger, as it also happens when we are in the same city, is WhatsApp. Sentences are read without intonation and can lead to misunderstandings. However, there are phrases that have little to do with the tone and are clearly banned for you when you are out in the world and talking to your parents or partner.

Here I leave you some examples of things that you should not leave in the air in a conversation when you are thousands of kilometers from yours:

1. “This place is amazing, I could stay and live here!”

Wooooooo! Wooooooo! Wooooooo!!!… The alarms sound and in your house the alert level goes to DEFCON 4. Your mother’s head begins to plot how she can get her tupperware with the best of Sunday food to that distant place: « How much will it cost to ship a container? Your father may be more practical: “What will he live on there? 

But if you have a partner, oh friend – or friend -, things get complicated exponentially. You better have put a “we could live here” in your sentence, because if you individualize your desire, you may find that, from that moment on, you have to individualize everything else.Ferry in Luna Park, Sydney, Australia.

2. “The truth is that I did not think I would meet friends as great and similar to me”

This phrase will make your friends and family happy, but the problem will arise with your partner. Remember that thousands of kilometers separate you and “blind trust” becomes just the title of a program that triumphed on Antena 3 about 13 years ago.

You have to know how to convey that you are having a good time with the people you meet along the way, but always without giving such a brutal affinity to the new people of the opposite sex who have entered your life as an adventurer. If you do, you better emphasize that, despite everything, you keep dreaming of your partner and the day you meet again. And that is what motivates you the most to keep going. In these modern times, I hope that romanticism still triumphs.

3. “Yes, we are going to go trekking in the jungle and we will be incommunicado for a few days”

If you drop her like that, without elaborating, your mother better have a SAMUR unit close by.

The jungle , in his mind, is that dense and dark place inhabited by all kinds of living creatures that are crouched waiting for you to pass by to devour you or inject you with their terrible and deadly poison. His imagination can even resurrect extinct species with greater detail and perfection than Steven Spielberg in Jurassic Park .

It is better that you give him many details of the type: “we will sleep in a luxury ecolodge… I will call you in two days, when we go out… There are no animals or poisonous insects, etc.” Remember that there is only one mother .

4.»How are the (nationality), the truth is that here it seems that anything goes!»


Very very wrong phrase, especially if you are in a country with world fame for its slight love of debauchery. Take as an example Brazil, Thailand or Colombia.

5. “Mom, the hospitals here are not so bad”

Unless you have traveled to Hospitalet de Llobregat, it is best that the word “hospital” should not come up in any conversation with your family, especially with your mother.

If something has happened to you that has made you have to go to one, it is better that you tell your father, siblings, partner or good friends and that they try to help you as much as possible. The one that reaches the ears of your mother and stands there with a plane, is all one.

6. “They say it could be malaria, but I think not”

yading sichuan

Dear friend, if you think it’s not malaria, IT’S NOT MALARIA… Or maybe it is (almost certainly, dear reader, you’re not a doctor, you don’t have time to read blogs) but it’s almost better not to mention it until you’ve been confirmed without the slightest margin of error.

Today, malaria is not as deadly as it was decades ago, but come on, we’re not going to do that either. The important thing is to worry your loved ones as little as possible and never alarm them unnecessarily until the time comes when it is confirmed that you have caught something they should know.

7. “Well, there are storms but they say we’ll take off anyway”

And with this phrase you just made your flight become the longest in the history of aviation. At least that’s how it will seem to your relatives, friends or partner to whom you have commented such nonsense.

Images of the movie “Land as you can” will go through their minds, but without the humorous component, with which it must be admitted that the film loses a lot.

If you feel a habitual tendency to drama, leave the thing at “there may be some turbulence”, but it is not necessary to go into more detail. And if not, let lightning strike you!

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