A safari with a private beach is the best way to combine adventure and relaxation. After spending a few days in search of lions, giraffes and leopards in a 4×4, there is nothing like resting on a beach just for us, far from the gaze of the curious.

Perfectly combinable with the best hotels with elephants in Africa , the union of comfort and adrenaline of these trips make them essential for the luxury traveler .

Although private beach safaris can be done in several countries, those that offer the highest quality for the high-income traveler are Tanzania , Kenya , South Africa , Namibia and Madagascar . Places where some of the best trips in the world are concentrated .

Beach Safari in Tanzania

tours on a safari

Tanzania is one of the best destinations for a safari with a private beach on one of its islands. In fact, even safaris in neighboring countries like Kenya often have the island of Zanzibar as a beach destination.

Among the must-sees in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park, but also the Tarangire Park , the Ngorongoro Protected Area or the Kilimanjaro National Park. We can even go through the Arusha Coffee Lodge , one of our favorite accommodations next to the Arusha National Park .

Safaris around Lake Manyare and Lake Eyasi are also a must before heading out to the beach.

Tanzanian beaches

Zanzibar beach
For the beach, first of all we want to talk about our favorite option: Thanda Island . This private island is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has a fantastic luxury resort hotel to spend a few days off.

Only hotel guests can access the island, so privacy and exclusivity is total. With a single luxury villa and two bandas (traditional African chalets) throughout the complex, you can not only enjoy a completely virgin beach but also all kinds of activities such as snorkeling or swimming with sharks.

Located in the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve , it is only accessible by boat or helicopter, with the possibility of a cruise with an Arab or Swahili feast. In addition , it works with solar energy , being a completely eco – sustainable place .

The other private beach option in Tanzania that we propose is the island of Zanzibar , where there are quite a few options available.

One of our favorites is the Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar , which we have already told you about before.

Fifteen private villas on the seashore, designed in a minimalist style with African inspiration, being the winner of the best hotel in the world award in 2018 .

Another one that we love is The Residence , with 32 hectares of tropical gardens with monkeys and a fantastic beach with crystal clear waters. The video says it all, what more could you ask for?

Private beach and safari in Kenya
zebra kenya

Kenya is another essential country to go on a safari. Without a doubt, the Masai Mara is the most popular place, where we can also see the Great Migration , one of the most impressive natural spectacles when millions of cattle cross the savannah in search of water while being stalked by lions, crocodiles and leopards.

The Amboseli and Samburu National Parks are other essentials for a luxury safari in Kenya . Places where we can see the big five and enjoy adventures, hot air balloon rides and amazing activities.

Of course, we can’t forget either Lake Nakuru and the millions of flamingos and pelicans on its shores, before heading to Mombasa to head to the beach.

Kenyan beaches

diani beach

In the case of Kenya , it is not a country famous for the quality of its beaches like Tanzania. However, they do have some exceptions that are ideal for the luxury traveler.

On the coast, near Mombasa , the second largest city in the country, is Diani Beach , with a large number of luxury hotels and resorts on the beachfront. Off the coast, we find Chale Island , a private island that has a single hotel, The Sands at Chale Island .

Somewhat less exclusive than Thanda Island (and therefore also cheaper) we find a resort on a tropical island, with completely wonderful beaches. In addition, the honeymoon suite has nothing to envy to any other luxury hotel in the world, being really comfortable and spectacular.

Among the luxury hotels in Kenya on the mainland coast, one of our favorites is the Elewana Afrochic Diani , with only ten rooms in total. Exclusivity in a private setting, on a white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

Beach and safari in South Africa
leopard in south africa

Among the luxury hotels in South Africa , there are both safari options in the heart of the national park and beachfront options on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The main difference between the two oceans is the temperature of the water, much colder in the Atlantic, although equally pleasant for bathing on the most popular beaches.

Safaris typically focus on the Kruger National Park , in the east at the Sabi Sands near Johannesburg, and in the south in Addo National Park .

The beaches of South Africa , although great, do not usually have tourism from people who combine safari with a private beach. Normally, these travelers tend to prefer Mauritius , a truly spectacular island.

However, if we prefer a 100% South African experience there are also some options that we can highlight.

Our favorite is Thonga Beach Lodge , which is also located very close to the Kruger Park, in the heart of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park , another ideal place for safaris, due to its combination of a protected marine area, forest, savannah, lakes and marshes.

With private villas with African-style pools, it is a unique way to get to know one of the most beautiful and unknown places in southern Africa. A mixture of safari, beach and relaxation in a single accommodation.

Namibia on a safari with a private beach
Lionesses drinking water in Namibia

The Kalahari desert , which Namibia shares with Botswana , is one of the first places we can go to do the first part of the safari. If what we want is an experience similar to that of Kenya or Tanzania , the ideal is to go to Etosha National Park , in the north.

In the northern half of the coast is the Namib desert and the Damaraland region , where we can enjoy colonies of sea lions and desert elephants, respectively.

Also in this desert is one of our favorite luxurious places to travel , on the Skeleton Coast : the Shipwreck Lodge. Near the sea, in the middle of the desert and in a place where you cannot go by car, but only with the chain’s vehicles, it is another way of enjoying relaxation after doing a safari.

It is a beach/desert destination, but it does not have a pool or is prepared for bathing, it is a place to rest and enjoy the immensities of the Namib.

If we want something more like a luxury resort in Namibia, we also have options. On a sandbank near Walvis Bay , in the shadow of a lighthouse, we find the Pelican Bay Lodge . Between flamingos, jackals, pelicans and sea lions, this luxury hotel located on the beach offers relaxation and nature.

Safari with private beach in Madagascar
lemurs madagascar

Lesser known than previous destinations, Madagascar ‘s red island also boasts private beach safari options . In this case, the beach destinations in Madagascar are concentrated in the north, while the safaris are usually carried out in the central and southern areas of the island.

Ranomafana National Park , Biosphere Reserve and with large populations of lemurs, the Anja Reserve or the Isalo National Park are essential to get to know the island.

In one of the most interesting plans for exclusive trips for singles , we cannot forget the Antakarana National Park , with its magical stone forest and the avenue of baobabs.

Madagascar beaches

Madagascar beach

After doing safaris and visiting nature in the south of the island, if we want to enjoy really paradisiacal beaches and resorts, the best option is to go to the north of Madagascar, to the Nosy Be area .

Perhaps the Royal Beach is the most famous in Nosy Be with a wide private beach available to its guests. However, it’s also quite a large hotel, so you don’t have the peace of mind of other options.

If what we are looking for are a few days by the pool, relaxation and comfort, in this hotel we can achieve it without problems.

Also in the Nosy Be archipelago there is a fantastic hotel that brings us another vision of luxury: the Eden Lodge . With a commitment to sustainable tourism, it is considered one of the 10 best luxury ecological hotels in the world, world winner in the 2014 edition.

Situated in a protected nature reserve, it was the first hotel in the world to run 100% on solar energy. To access the hotel and one of its 8 exclusive private villas, you have to arrive by boat from the main island of Nosy Be , allowing unique privacy on its beautiful Baobabs beach with two kilometers of white sand and crystal clear waters.

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