Traveling should always be a pleasantly unforgettable experience. When the passion is to travel, discover and enjoy the wonder of traveling, you have never known enough, much less are you ready to give up the adventure.

If you are a true globetrotter you will know that having the common stamps in your passport is not enough, and for this reason today we invite you to discover the exotic places to travel. Let’s get started!

1. Petra, Jordan

If you prefer adventure, this exotic destination is one of the best options. Petra is an ancient city with great archaeological value, so much so that it was the location of different scenes from the Indiana Jones movie.

Its facades, carved in rock, make it a brick-colored city, which has been classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. In addition, since 2007 it is part of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

On your trip to this mystical city, you need to see some of the many tombs carved into the rocks. You have to visit the Monastery and the Siq or gorge, which is the entrance to the city and is a canyon where a path was made thanks to the passage of water.

Before you go, you can’t miss the theater, which dates back to the 1st century BC, and was unearthed in 1961.

 2. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Also known as the Mouth of Kotor, it is a fjord 30 kilometers inland, which has its origin in the Bokelj river canyon, which is lost in the waters of the Adriatic.

The entire bay corresponds to a walk of about two days, with more than 100 kilometers of roads that cross the waterway. Usually, tourists start the walk from the northern entrance, passing from Croatia to Montenegro.

Kotor is considered a World Heritage Site, and from its cliffs you can enjoy an incredible view, as well as some of the greenest landscapes in the entire country.

We warn you that it is not a trip for everyone, but it is worth it.

 3. Longsheng Rice Terraces, China

If we are going to talk about exotic places to travel, you cannot leave out the spectacle that means enjoying the Rice Terraces in China.

The well-known Dragon Column Rice Terraces cover more than 100 kilometers of all Guilin and is considered a protected area, so for some years you need to pay to visit it.

For only 100 yuan you can enter the city and take a tour of Longsheng, a community where ethnic groups in charge of caring for and maintaining crops live. They are 100 meters high and are made up of hundreds of steps.

4. Great Blue Hole, Belize

As its name indicates, it is a large hole or sinkhole located on the coast of Belize, and it measures about 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep.

It is qualified as the largest marine phenomenon of its kind and is home to a large handful of marine species, from reefs and flora, through the widest fauna in the area.

For divers it is an excellent destination and, at a tourist level, it is a place for day-long excursions, which basically consist of a controlled dive into the hole to spot different types of fish and sharks, as well as a dip in the fishing line. nearby corals.

 5. Joy, Malta

The small but colorful archipelago of Malta is one of the exotic places to travel that you cannot leave out. There is the beautiful island of Gozo, which you access by ferry from Malta.

In Gozo you will enjoy steps through the different towns and through the capital, Victoria. At almost every stop you need to take a tour of the churches and squares, where you can hear great stories and get local handicrafts.

 6. Amber Fort, India

This fortress in India is one of the most important constructions on mountains in the entire country. Here takes place one of the most impressive construction of the Rajputs. It is a combination of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

The full fortress is made up of a large group of palaces, including temples to different gods, as well as an imposing garden, one of the main attractions of the Fort.

The entire place can be covered in one day, although you must be prepared to walk a lot and be comfortable.

 7. Namje, Nepal

We are going to Nepal, especially to one of the most incredible and remote towns in this country. And it is so much so that there are no roads that lead directly to Namje, which is why it rarely appears among the tourist destinations in this country or for different adventures. But it is one of the best places to travel.

However, it is an excellent alternative to enjoy if you like hiking, because to get here you need to travel a set of trails between different towns that are reached by crossing the Makalum mountain, one of the five highest peaks in the world.

8. Forest of Knives, Madagascar

One of the greatest charms of visiting this destination is trying to understand how wildlife works in this rock forest, which has been dubbed a forest of knives, due to the pointed shape of the stones.

This forest dates back approximately two hundred million years, and is made up of needles ranging from five meters to eighty meters in height.

It is believed that it was the heavy rains of the time of formation that shaped these labyrinths. In the area, different species of fauna chase the light of the light and manage to grow. So do the animals, with a variety of 11 types of lemurs that live on what they get in the passageways between stones.

9. Taha’a, French Polynesia

This is one of the most paradisiacal coasts in the world. Taha’a is a unique destination, where visitors say that time slows down thanks to the relaxing lifestyle that Tahitians bring to tourists.

The small flower-shaped island stands out for the beauty provided by the mountains around it, as well as the small white-sand motu where you can hang out.

In the surroundings you will come across different vanilla fields that perfume the entire island and give a magical touch to the beach.

10.Elqui Valley

This basin in the middle of the mountain range is a necessary stop on any tour of Chile. It is one of the most fertile and green lands in the entire region, thanks to its proximity to the river that feeds it.

It has one of the best climates in the country and its charm lies in taking tours of the green plains, as well as getting to know the different local fruit fields to find out how they grow.

 11. Cappadocia, Turkey

A land of passage for different migrations and caravans, which is why it has been home to different types of civilizations that have left their mark on this particular city.

Cappadocia was built with volcanic lava from different eruptions, this is how a type of home was created that is more like a cave, since the inhabitants were drilling into the volcanic rock and creating small shelters.

In this process of digging and taking advantage of the raw material, the locals created an entire city under the rock. In fact, there are more than 30 underground cities that supplied themselves, since they have shelters for water, cattle and even crops.

Today one of the great charms is to take a hot air balloon ride over the city, enjoying all the rock formations.

12. Con Dao Archipelago, Vietnam

One of the most important archipelagos of Vietnam, exactly to the south of the country and with about 6000 inhabitants, which is concentrated in the small capital that is totally the antithesis of an overpopulated city or the bustle of Vietnam.

It is an ideal place to take a morning walk through the town, considering that the traffic is almost zero and the sale of fuel closes after lunch. Here life passes much slower than in the rest of the world, and that is its charm.

You cannot miss a tour of the coast that bathes in turquoise waters, with white sands and river forests on the sides.

13. Timgad, Algeria

Discovered in 1765 by James Bruce, Timgad are the ruins of one of the most important Roman cities in the African region, the cradle of planning and execution of the conquering movements in the rest of the territory.

It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is considered one of the best examples of the Roman grid structure. It is often compared to the city of Pompeii, Africa.

The tour can be quite fast, and in the city there are a variety of guides, who accompany you and instruct you.

14. Agkor Wat, Cambodia

Without a doubt, this is one of the exotic places to travel. This ruined city is the heart of Cambodia, and is hidden among jungle, a variety of vegetation and is surrounded by lagoons.

It is a tour of temples full of forgotten or unknown passages that the locals recommend that you travel by bicycle. You can rent one in a neighboring town, which is only 5 kilometers from the lost city.

Visit the temple of Angkor Wat, the Bayón and that of Ta Prohm. Also observe the sunrise or sunset that falls on the buildings and bathes the imperial trees.

15. The Cook Islands, Polynesia

This archipelago, of small islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, is part of the maritime territories of Polynesia. The islands are protected by a cordon of reefs, which not only guards them from the sea, but also gives the area its charm.

The islands (especially Rartonga, which is the main one) are an excellent option to enjoy crystal clear waters and white sands. Here the most outstanding activities are diving, snorkeling and the innovative sea scooter , which consists of a ride similar to snorkeling but with small propellers.

Another of the charms is hiking through the jungles around the coast, whose incalculable greenness is due to the fertility of the volcanic soil.

16. Fiji

One of the excellent vacation destinations is this archipelago of more than 3,000 islands and atolls. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is considered by many to be one of the most relaxing places in the world.

Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters, white sands and a wide variety of water sports, as well as a fairly extensive tourist and nightlife. At the resorts you get different island tours , which communicate with each other in just minutes away.

17. Yellowstone National Park, USA

One of the largest parks in the world, with an area of ​​about 8,983 square kilometers, most of which is in the state of Wyoming.

In this park, the first created in the world, you can enjoy a wide variety of views and natural phenomena.

With a wide expanse of forested forests and 5% of the park filled with water, where you will see more than 30 waterfalls, more than 200 active geysers and some 10,000 geothermal sources.

One of the key points of the walk is to visit the Great Prismatic Fountain, one of the largest thermal water reserves in the world, which attracts not only for its size, but also for the colors of the water, which are generated by a bacterium that pigments according to the water’s temperature.

18. Roraima, Venezuela

This destination, considered one of the most exotic in the world, has a wide variety of geographical phenomena to enjoy, including the Tepuys, flat mountains that are unique in this region.

From its heights, you can enjoy one of the best views in the world, observing the variety of vegetation that surrounds the area, as well as different waterfalls and all the climatic changes of the process.

The journey takes days and is done on foot. Every day you will have to walk about 10 kilometers, and the climb to the top is quite comfortable, considering the height. In the process, he sleeps only in tents and there is no phone signal of any kind.

19. Cano Cristales, Colombia

This time we will enjoy the most beautiful river in the world, also known as ‘The liquid rainbow’.

This Colombian river is one of the most visited points in the country, thanks to the beautiful colors that the water gives, which range from green, yellow, blue, black and red.

20. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The largest existing continuous salt desert. In addition, it is the largest lithium reserve on the planet, with 60% of the entire world reserve. From our list, this is one of the cheap places to travel.

It is an erotic destination to enjoy life built with salt. In the surroundings of the salt flat, there are a wide variety of hotels and resorts that have been built with solid blocks of salt, making them some of the most striking in the world.

On the tour you can enjoy the variety of cacti that exist, and if you have the opportunity to go on a rainy day, you can enjoy a show created by the mirror effect of wet salt.

21. Red Beach of Panjin, China

This beach, made by the Liao River delta, is a natural swamp created by an aquatic plant that is originally pink, but in summer it turns into a red plant and in autumn it turns scarlet like fire.

So it is not a conventional beach of sand and salt water, but rather a formation where the Suaeda gluaca plant has mined all the land, creating a kind of red ocean that ended up giving it its name as a beach.

The area is also surrounded by a very varied fauna, where the crane stands out, which lulls visitors to sleep with its song after eating.

22. Socotra, Yemen

One of the exotic places to travel. Here lives a set of plant and animal species that do not exist anywhere else and that you may not know about.

This island, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2008, is home to more than 700 species that only exist here, with an arid and tropical climate.

Until 1999 it was practically impossible to reach it, being one of the most distant points in the world. Now, they have been modernizing, including an airport and some other services such as electricity and piped water.

When you go here you cannot miss the opportunity to see the umbrella-shaped tree, one of the most representative species of the island and the reason for hundreds of visits a year.

23. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Qualified as the cleanest beach in the world in 2015 and, therefore, the most ecological beach of all. This coastline of stunningly white sand and crystal blue waters is one of Australia’s favorite destinations.

In addition, the grains of sand are classified as the smallest in the world. There is a belief that the NASA men used some of this sand to build the lenses of the Hubble telescope.

Among the favorite activities in the area are hiking, snorkeling, diving and enjoying the view of the coast.

24. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

One of the most visited destinations in Japan, this built forest is one of the obligatory stops if it is a question of visiting exotic places. It is a plantation of bamboos, where all are almost at the same distance, so they constitute a dense landscape of different shades of green.

Here you will find more than 50 types of bamboo, some of them reaching more than 20 meters in height, something that all visitors love.

The park is crisscrossed by different hiking trails, which allow you to do the whole tour comfortably. In addition, it has some craft and gift shops, where you can buy your own bamboo.

25. Isla Frigate, Seychelles

A totally exotic and exclusive destination that once in your life you should be able to experience. This island, belonging to the Seychelles island circuit, is one of the most incredible coastlines in the world.

With only 2.19 square kilometers, it is a private and quite isolated island, where you can only access paying for the resort that offers the only hotel in the place that, it is worth noting, only has 16 rooms built with the most luxurious materials in the world.

It is a paradisiacal destination, often selected as a place for honeymoons by different aristocrats and millionaires from around the world.

Exotic places to travel as a couple

If we are going to enjoy an exotic adventure as a couple, you cannot go to the following destinations:

  1. Great Blue Hole, Belize
  2. Taha’a, French Polynesia
  3. Cappadocia, Turkey
  4. Cook Islands, Polynesia
  5. Con Dao Archipelago, Vietnam
  6. Fiji
  7. Isla Frigate, Seychelles

Exotic places in Mexico

Among the exotic places to travel, specifically in Mexico, the following stand out:

  1. Vallarta Port
  2. oaxaca
  3. Marietas Islands
  4. Blue waterfall
  5. San Miguel de Allende
  6. Chakabakan Lagoon

We already know that traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And although knowing places like Paris or New York never come out of our dreams, it is also worth venturing out of the ordinary and be encouraged to visit exotic places to travel.

Remember to share this article with your contacts and if you have any opinion, you can let us know in the comments section, especially if you know places to travel cheap.

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