If your vacation calendar does not coincide with that of your friends, if your partner does not fancy that destination or, simply, if you want to spend a few days being with yourselves. Traveling alone is an alternative and, at the same time, a challenge that many women fear facing. It’s worth a try; those who have tried it, repeat.

Security is probably one of the arguments that most stops us when embarking on the adventure of traveling alone. Therefore, it is advisable to find out about the degree of danger of the destination , its particular problems and other aspects, such as its level of respect for women ‘s rights, before deciding.

Female destinations

Travelers coincide in highlighting Japan as one of the favorite countries to discover without company. Crime is one of the lowest on the planet and , in addition, it has an efficient and excellent rail transport system that will allow you to move around easily.Japan.

Capsule hotels for women only, female subway cars and a culture based on respect for others is what you will find while you travel through large megalopolises like Tokyo or small villages like Shirakawago, declared a World Heritage Site. By the way, in Japan it is customary to eat alone, so now you can prepare a gastronomic route: a good dose of ramen, okonomiyaki and takoyaki awaits you.

Southeast Asia is also an alternative for independent female travelers , with Indonesia leading the way. Bali ‘s rice fields and of course its beaches attract many solo travelers every year. A paradisiacal environment to relax or to meet people, as desired. The same as in Iceland , the most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2019 and one of those that most advocates for gender equality, where you can go hiking, glacier routes, crossings or simply enjoy the sundlaug ( thermal pools). In the Americas, Canada. It tends to rise as the preferred destination for women, with natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and cities as cosmopolitan as Toronto and Montreal.

And if these options exceed your budget, neighboring Portugal is a safe, affordable alternative where you won’t have any problems with the language.Portugal, a good destination for solo travelers.

Accommodation “Women only”

Female tourism is already a reality, which is why there are more and more travel agencies , portals that organize activities and hotels for women only . This is the case of Som Dona , in Mallorca , which opened at the beginning of June and is the first of its kind in our country. Located in Porto Cristo (Manacor), it is open to groups of friends, solo travelers and mothers with their daughters (over fourteen years of age). The staff, moreover, is entirely female. Like at Hostelle , a boutique hostel in Amsterdam .

For those travelers with a more backpacker spirit, Rome is also home to two female-only hostels: Hostella Female Only , housed in a 19th-century building just minutes from Termini Station, and Orsa Maggiore Hostel , near Piazza Santa Maria in Rome. Trastevere, integrated into the Casa Internazionale delle Donne, a space designed to vindicate the culture and knowledge produced by and for women. Around the world, the list of hostels for all audiences, but with rooms reserved only for women, is also long. Fears out, prepare your luggage and… let the experience begin!

Three tips for safe travel

1. Always communicated . Inform friends or relatives of the itinerary that you are going to carry out. Even if it is improvised, it is convenient for someone to know where you are staying or what your next stop will be. Always carry your mobile : applications such as Safe365 , Glympse or Life360 allow you to share your location in real time .

2. Avoid going out/traveling alone at night . In case of doing so, precautions can be taken , such as informing the receptionist of your accommodation of the plans or the expected time of return . If you use taxis , that are legal or through applications such as Uber, in which the driver and the route are registered. It is also a good idea to take the previously planned route to give directions to the driver and avoid scares or scams.

3. Go unnoticed . Especially in countries where the way of dressing is very different from the western one. Wearing sunglasses and headphones can make us ignore those people who, unfortunately, can bother us or become annoying during the trip. 

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