There are good reasons why each year Carmen beach receives more than two million visitors a year, mainly North Americans and Europeans. These are the 20 main reasons to go to this fascinating city located in the municipality of Solidaridad in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

1.Visit Fifth Avenue and the Carmen beach

2. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is the heart of Carmen beach, but it is also its lungs, since the city breathes there. Wherever you go, at some point you will pass by the Quinta, as the locals colloquially call it. 

2.Visit Xcaret 

3. Xcaret

Just 5 kilometers from Carmen beach is this beautiful place, which is both an archaeological site and an ecological park.

The Mayans used it as a port and commercial center, conserving the ruins that testify to it.

It was also converted into a point for the preservation of emblematic species of the fauna of the Atlantic forest region of Mexico, such as the spider monkey, the manatee and the sea turtle.

3.Walk along the Carmen avenue

18. Paseo del Carmen

If you have already consumed your portion of folklore and want to rediscover shops, fast food (or slow food), and 21st century entertainment, after a day at the sea, archeology or tradition, you can go to Paseo del Carmen Shopping Mall , a modern and cozy place located south of Fifth Avenue.

4.Visit to the Maya River

1. Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is a small paradise that is enough by itself to offer you everything you want on your vacation trip, whether long or short. But it is good that you know that Playa del Carmen is in the heart of a larger paradise, the Riviera Maya, a territory 140 kilometers long in the luminous and crystalline Mexican Caribbean.

5. Xplor  

4. Xplor

Next to Xcaret, on the Cancun – Tulum highway, is Xplor, another charming natural park.

It is a place to enjoy mainly below ground, with cenotes, caves and caverns where you can practice your favorite adventure sport. There are facilities for diving, canoeing, rustic tours and zip lines. The dense groves of trees on the surface are impressive.

6. Xel-Ha 

5. Xelha

On the highway from Cancun to Tulum, 50 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, is Xel-Ha, considered the largest natural aquarium in the world and one of the Natural Wonders of Mexican geography.

7. Visit the Cenotes 

6. Cenotes

The Rivera Maya has more than 3,000 cenotes. These curious flooded depressions are transitory, since the water of the underground rivers does not stop its continuous erosion action on the limestone. But in the meantime we can enjoy them to swim, dive and observe the rich marine life in paradises of crystal clear waters.

8. The Jungle Place

7. The Jungle Place

The spider monkey, also called marimonda and koatá, is a curious species of primate that lacks a thumb. This endangered species has a special reserve in Jungle Place, an ecological park located on the road between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, very close to the small town of Chemuyil. 

9. Sian Ka’an

8. Sian Ka'an

It is a biosphere reserve and protected area with a UN World Heritage category. It is 113 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, along the Rivera Maya highway.

10. Shaman-Ha

9. Shaman-Ha

This was the Mayan name for Playa del Carmen in pre-Columbian times. One of the main current attractions of the place is an aviary, a sanctuary for 45 species of birds originating from the Mexican tropical forest, most of them at risk of extinction. 

11. Mayan Ruins of Cobá

10. Mayan Ruins of Coba

This archaeological site is located 110 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and was one of the main urban centers of the Mayan civilization, reaching 50,000 inhabitants during the classic period of that pre-Columbian culture. 

12. Visit Cancun

11. Cancun

With all its fame and cosmopolitan glamour, only 68 kilometers from Playa del Carmen is Cancun, the most important tourist destination in Mexic.

13. Visit Cozumel

12. Cozumel

It would be a shame if you go to Playa del Carmen and return to your city without taking a little getaway to the island of Cozumel. The crossing is only one hour on a full-fledged ferry. 

14. Tulum 

13. Tulum

Tulum is one of the main enclaves of the Mayan culture in Mesoamerica. It is located just 70 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, along the beautiful route of the Ribera Maya.

15. Visit the Church of Our Lady of Carmen

How could it be otherwise, the most important temple in Carmen beach is the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, located at the intersection of Avenida 15 and Calle 12 Norte.

16. Go to the Carmen beach Carnival

15. Playa del Carmen Carnival

If what you want is a pagan party, the ideal in Playa del Carmen is the carnival. It is celebrated as everywhere in February or March, before the start of Christian Lent. 

17. Sacred Mayan Journey

16. Sacred Mayan Journey

If you are also interested in the rituals and symbolic places of the Mayan civilization, for two days in May a ceremony takes place that was already performed by the indigenous people more than a thousand years ago. 

18. Visit the Guelaguetza in Carmen beach

17. The Guelaguetza

This is a typical party that takes place in several locations in Mexico, the most famous being those in the state of Oaxaca, which are regularly presented in other places. 

19. Inter Carmen beach


In all parts of the world, the most loyal and roaring fans in football are those of the small local teams, who dream of promotion to the third or second division. 

20. Come to the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

20. Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

To close with music, we recommend the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, an event with open-air concerts that is held every year in November in Carmen beach, during the weekend corresponding to the week of Thanksgiving. 

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