The aurora borealis is one of all the wonders that nature gives us, one that no one should stop seeing. For this reason, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists dedicate themselves to pursuing this spectacle that draws beautiful colors in the sky.

In this article you will discover what this phenomenon is about, which are the places where you can see the northern lights and the best dates of the year to live this experience.

What is the country where you can see the northern lights?

The following are the best places and countries to see the Northern Lights:

Northern Canada.

Greenland Island.





Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Alaska, United States.

They all make up the famous “Zona Aura”, a place in northern Scandinavia that encompasses a band of 66 ° N and 69 ° N, approximately.

Where do you see the aurora australis?

Just as the northern hemisphere gives you the opportunity to observe these lights, the same is true towards the southern hemisphere. In this case, the aurora is called “Aurora Austral” and only occurs in a few Antarctic countries such as Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

These lights also occur in the magnetic fields of other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. 

Hotel where you can see the northern lights

The countries where you can see the Northern Lights have the best tourist accommodations to observe the meteorological phenomenon. Let’s get to know them.

  • Hotels and Cabins in Luosto, Finland:  Luosto is a Finnish town with cabins and hotels for, in addition to spending the night, doing extreme sports.
  • Abisko Mountain Louge, Sweden –  Designed to offer tourists winter hiking, skiing and Northern Lights tours.
  • The Treehotel, Sweden: ideal to spend a different night among the treetops. Stay in any of its 7 comfortable exclusive cabins.
  • The Sundog Retreat, Canada:  Located in the Yukon desert area. Despite having a fascinating collection of private cabanas, what is most astonishing about this hotel are its open spaces overlooking the sky, from where you can directly observe the northern lights.

Where do you see the northern lights in Canada?

Because it is a very high area, from the Rocky Mountains of Canada you can take amazing pictures of the northern lights.

Also noteworthy are the towns of Kuujjuaq, in Quebec, Churchill, in Manitoba, Iqaluit, in Nunavut, Whitehorse, in Yukon, Banff and Jasper, in Alberta.

Where is the Northern Lights best seen in Canada?

The best place in Canada to see these lights in the sky is the Northeast Territories, whose capital is Yellowknife, a region where you can find many quality accommodations to see the Northern Lights. The most recommended is the “Aurora Village”.

What is the best season to see the Northern Lights in Canada?

The best months to see the Northern Lights in Canada are between the end of August and mid-April, better if it is winter, because the nights tend to be longer.

Where do you see the northern lights in Europe?

The countries of the European Union that you cannot miss to visit to see the natural phenomenon are Sweden and Finland.

Although they have been registered in Spain, the Netherlands and Estonia, the lights are not a constant in these countries. 

Where do you see the northern lights in Sweden?

Although Sweden is one of the most expensive destinations for transportation and lodging to chase the Northern Lights, its landscapes make it worth the effort.

The Farnebofjarden National Park, 140 km from Stockholm, the town of Abisko, with at least 200 days a year of northern lights or the town of Lulea, in Swedish Lapland, are the best places to see the lights.

The best season to travel to Swedish territory is from September to the end of March, when you will find good places to choose where to stay.

Where do you see the northern lights in Finland?

Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland is the best natural place to see the Northern Lights. From its beautiful cabins you will be able to watch the light show while you are lying on your comfortable bed.

Other equally famous destinations are the villages deep in the forests Nellim, Muotka, Saariselkä, Menesjärvie Inari.

Further west you find Harriniva, Jeris, Torassieppi and Kilpisjärvi, places with impressive landscapes to see the auroras at midnight.

The altitude of Russia and Iceland also provides good opportunities to enjoy this experience late at night.

Where do you see the northern lights in Russia?

The advantage of Russia is that a large part of its territory is in the center of the so-called “Arctic Circle”, which makes the country a main destination for the most fans of the northern lights.

On the Kola Peninsula, specifically the city of Murmansk, you have a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights between September and March.

Other regions that may also interest you are Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk.

Where do you see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Iceland offers the best views of the Northern Lights from the hospitable comforts of the town of Reykjavik.

The best season to hunt Northern Lights in Iceland

Experts recommend traveling to Iceland at the end of August and mid-April, to be more likely to see the Northern Lights.

Where do you see the northern lights in Norway?

As part of the Scandinavian peninsula, Norway ranks as an ideal destination to see the Northern Lights.

Senja, Sortland and Lofoten stand out among the regions most visited by tourists looking for accommodation to live the meteorological experience.

The best place to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Tromso is without a doubt the most traditional place in all of Norway to see the northern lights. In addition, its facilities give you the opportunity to practice outdoor activities.

What are the best dates to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

Try to book your hotel room to see the natural phenomenon before the high season begins between January and the beginning of March. The best views of the northern lights are given after 7:00 p.m.

Where do you see the northern lights in America?

Countries like Argentina, Chile and Mexico are alternatives in America to see the northern lights. Discover which are the places you should go to if you are passing through these territories.

Can the Northern Lights be seen in Patagonia?

Yes. If you plan well, you can see the Northern Lights in Patagonia.

Where can you see the northern lights in Chile?

Even with a low probability that they can be seen, records suggest that the northern lights do appear during the year in Chile. Be sure to visit the Punta Arenas area, located well to the south. 

Where can you see the northern lights in Argentina?

If you travel to Argentina you should head south where the city of Ushuaia is located, considered the southernmost in the world. To get there you must embark on an expedition over Antarctica.

You can start from Chile, being King George Island, in Punta Arenas, the key point. You can also take a flight that lands directly over Antarctica.

Where can you see the northern lights in Mexico?

Records from previous years indicate that this meteorological phenomenon has occurred in Mexico City, Guanajuato, Veracruz, San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Guadalajara, Zacatecas and Oaxaca.

Do you know what the aurora borealis is?

A quick description is that they are moving flashes of light that are observed in the sky. Science defines it as a manifestation in terrestrial space generated by solar particles, which collide with the magnetic field that protects our planet.

Many of these charged particles of atoms escape and filter through the south pole and the north pole, which causes two types of auroras. Its manifestation is translated into storms or solar winds that dazzle the night sky with different shapes and colors, especially green, orange and red.

Can the Northern Lights be seen with the naked eye?

Yes, if essential conditions are met. You have to be in the right place and time, with enough darkness so that the colors are quite noticeable.

The perception of colors depends largely on each person, because according to science the human eye is not capable of perceiving them in their entirety.

At first it can be seen as a flash of white light, but according to the intensity with which the aurora appears and the atmospheric conditions, it can reach the rest of the tonalities.

Are the northern lights seen every day?

No. The Northern Lights are unpredictable. Not even science knows exactly when it can happen. What was verified is that it occurs at certain times of the year.

Seeing them will depend on several factors such as how dark the night is and how clear or clean the sky is.

Are the northern lights visible all year?

The best time to see the Northern Lights are the months between October and March, with the cold days of December and January being the best because the polar nights are longer and darker.

Are the northern lights seen in summer?

Summer is not a good time to see this meteorological phenomenon. It is best to opt for the fall and spring months between 8 pm and 2 am.

Another influential factor is the place where you see the Northern Lights. The experts affirm that in the north pole it is observed much better.

So, do you know what the Northern Lights are?

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