Many people wonder if it is possible to spend a holiday in Europe without breaking the bank. The continent is full of sumptuous landscapes and marvelous cities (I talk about it in an article on  my trip to Europe ) but the high cost of living in most countries often comes to curb the desire for travel or weekends. That’s why I present to you this ranking of the cheapest cities in Europe to travel.

The cheapest cities in Europe to travel to

Every year the site publishes a ranking of the cheapest cities in Europe to travel based on the ”  Backpacker Index for 2017  ” which includes the average price of a night in a youth hostel, two trips on public transport, the price of a major attraction in the city, three meals and three drinks.

The ranking has a lot of Eastern European cities and I hope it will give you some destination ideas for your next trip.

10. Zagreb – Croatia


The Croatian capital has everything you need for a successful weekend and you will get by according to the backpacker index for less than 30€/day. If you have more time, take the opportunity to go for a ride on the Croatian coasts which are just magnificent!

9. Warsaw – Poland


I hear a lot of good things about the Polish capital and I have to say that its “alternative culture” atmosphere appeals to me a lot. I will probably spend a few days there soon, so it is very good that it is in this ranking 😀

8. Český Krumlov – République Tchèque


I visited Český Krumlov during my European tour by train and I was seduced by this small town located in the east of the Czech Republic. It can be visited in 2-3 days and the prices for accommodation/food there are more than affordable.

7. Kiev – Ukraine 


Ukraine has been experiencing tensions for a few years on its border but the rest of the country is safe (you can confirm the information here) and kyiv, its capital, is definitely worth a visit.

6. Sarajevo – Bosnia-Herzegovina 


Sarajevo is a somewhat forgotten city in Europe and if you are like me, the type to flee places crowded with tourists, you may find what you are looking for in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

5. Budapest – Hungary


I visited Budapest and it’s a growing city so if you want to take advantage of affordable prices go for it, it’s still time! And don’t forget to take a trip to the thermal springs 😉

4. Belgrade – Serbia


After having lived through a troubled period in the 1990s, the city of Belgrade is today calm and pleasant. The number of activities is a little limited but the nights are apparently very lively and they will not dent your savings.

3. Bucharest – Romania


Bucharest is an unpretentious city that can be visited over 2-3 days and the advantage is that it will cost you around 23€/day if you prefer hostels and small restaurants

2. Krakow – Poland


Called the “Polish Beauty” and often compared to Prague, Krakow is a wonderful city filled with churches, parks and museums just waiting to be visited. It’s the dream destination for a successful city-break

1. Sofia – Bulgaria


Sofia is a peaceful city with many historic buildings that will delight architecture enthusiasts as well as budget travelers. It is the cheapest city in Europe to travel to in 2017 with an average budget of 22€/day.

And you, what do you think of this ranking? Which city do you most want for a next city break? Personally it’s Budapest and Warsaw… Cities known to be very pleasant, and, obviously, at a lower cost for us travelers.

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