The path of renunciation of worldly life and surrender to the supreme maker of the universe and to prayer that the monks of some orders choose to live in community and solitude, requires that they settle in houses or convents located in places far from the towns . This has happened in Croatia.

The monks of Croatia have built some of their monasteries in small island enclaves, surrounded by peace , beauty and spirituality , as well as water, which can now be visited discovering some of the most beautiful and surprising corners of the so-called ” country of a thousand islands “, although in reality there are 1,244, between islands and islets.

“Croatia is a relatively small country but it offers great attractions that can be explored in about 15 days,” a representative of Croatian Tourism (TdC) told Efe.

“Although many visitors prefer to settle in a region to fully enjoy its culture, nature, islands , beaches , charming towns and typical cuisine ,” he adds.

“Croatia is a country to visit all year round, but if you want to see the islands you have to take into account that, outside of the summer, the frequency of the ferry routes (ferries) and catamarans is reduced and, in the months colder, some don’t work”, says the TdC spokesperson, who recommends visiting six monasteries located in surprising places.

Blaca Monastery (Island of Brac)

Blaca Monastery, Island of Brac, Croatia.

In the south of the island of Brac , famous for its Golden Cape and for its dazzling white stone with which part of the Washington White House was built, it is located between the towns of Bol and Milna, a place known by locals as “Pustinja” (desert).

It is one of the most picturesque and rugged places on the island where the Franciscan monks decided to build their monastery attached to the mountain, the Blaca monastery. Today the historic complex has been converted into a museum.

Badija Monastery (Korcula Island)

Badija Monastery, Korcula Island, Croatia.

Many visitors come to the island of Korcula , one of the most beautiful and most visited in the Dubrovnik region, attracted by the beautiful medieval city where, according to an unproven local tradition, the traveler Marco Polo was born .

The monks lived there until 1950, which today has been transformed into a recreation center that still houses the church and convent.

Kosljun Monastery (Island of Krk)

Kosljun Monastery, Krk Island, Croatia.

On the island of Krk , located in the north of Croatia and connected to the mainland by a bridge, two hours by car from Zagreb airport, is the town of Punat, which is the largest nautical center on the island .

In front of its coast you can see the island of Kosljun, an islet of exuberant vegetation with more than 400 species of plants, which houses a Franciscan monastery that keeps historical documents of great value.

From Punat you can visit the monastery by taking a small boat that takes just 10 minutes, as the islet is only 750 meters from the coast.

Veliko Jezero Monastery (Mljet Island)

Veliko Jezero Monastery, Mljet Island, Croatia.

In the western part of the island of Mljet, the beautiful Mljet National Park is located , a paradise in southern Dalmatia, where calm and peace, the smell of pine and the sea rule.

Mljet is one of the most seductive islands in the Dubrovnik region, less than an hour away by boat, due to its lush vegetation, spectacular saltwater lakes and lush beaches .

The Benedictine monks took advantage of this beautiful place to build their monastery on an islet in the middle of the Veliko Jezero salt lake. The monastery was abandoned and now houses a restaurant.

Galevac Monastery (Island of Ugljan)

In the Zadar region, about 80 meters from the town of Preko, on the island of Ugljan , an island of thick Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful natural bays, dotted with picturesque towns with a rich historical-cultural heritage, emerges a small and beautiful islet with its monastery.

This is the island of Galevac and its Franciscan monastery dating from the fifteenth century. You can visit its museum that contains an exhibition of old books, Glagolitic manuscripts and valuable paintings. The island is connected to the Ugljan coast during the day by a small wooden boat.

Franciscan Monastery (Island of Visovac)

Franciscan Monastery, Island of Visovac, Croatia.

The Krka National Park , in the Sibenik region, crossed by the Krka River, shows streams, waterfalls, waterfalls and lakes and where, in addition, you can visit cultural and historical monuments , and admire the beautiful geological formations of travertine , a type of limestone.

In one of its lakes there is a small islet where the monks did not hesitate to build their place of worship. These are the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac, dating from 1445.

The National Park offers an additional excursion to visit the islet of Visovac, its monastery, church and museum.

Small island enclaves, surrounded by peace, beauty and spirituality, as well as water.

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