It may be because of the thousands of movies and series that have been shot in this city, or because of the immense cultural offer it offers, but New York is still the dream destination of any traveler. Probably, each and every one of us has an image and expectations formed long before setting foot on North American soil, and surely we have also wondered if we will be disappointed after the visit.

The most iconic city in the world is synonymous with art, skyscrapers, multiculturalism, gastronomy… It’s ‘everything in a big way’, and it’s wild. New York has it all. Therefore, if you want to get to know the most authentic things about the city, and you don’t have much time, one of the best ways to soak up the New York spirit is by taking a tour of Brooklyn.

Dumbo, the best welcome to Brooklyn

One of the best options to start touring Brooklyn is from Dumbo. At the foot of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and along the East River, this neighborhood unfolds, full of streets that ooze industrial charm.

What most visitors don’t know is that for many years Dumbo was a run-down port area, home to numerous factories and warehouses. When, at the beginning of the 21st century, many of these companies were forced to relocate to other parts of the city, a redevelopment began to make it one of the most authentic neighborhoods in New York.On Washington Street you get great pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Something you can’t stop doing in Dumbo is taking the mythical photo on Washington Street, a street from where you will get privileged views with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. Without a doubt, one of the most instagrammable spots in New York.

The Brooklyn Bridge, the undisputed symbol of the city

The Brooklyn Bridge is, without a doubt, one of the most important icons of New York and one of the most famous bridges in the world. And as such it appears in numerous films, series, documentaries, and even paintings or posters. In fact, since the completion of its construction in 1883, it became the longest suspension bridge in the world.

In 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge became the longest suspension bridge in the world.

To complete the New York experience, you must cross it both during the day and at night. In both cases you will have one of the most characteristic images of the city engraved forever on your retina: the gigantic buildings of Manhattan on both sides of the bridge. We assure you that it is worth traveling its almost 2 kilometers long for the incredible views it offers.

Williamsburg, the contrasts of New York

We will continue the route to the northwest of Brooklyn, along the East River, to reach Willliamsburg. Today it is one of the most striking and contrasting neighborhoods in New York. But why is it so peculiar?

In Williamsburg, the most hipster neighborhood in New York, it is home to one of the most Orthodox Jewish communities in the US.In addition to being considered the most hipster neighborhood in New York, it is also home to one of the most important Orthodox Jewish communities in the country. 

Downtown Brooklyn

What was the heart of the early city of Brooklyn is now known as Downtown Brooklyn, an area where government buildings intermingle with new construction, universities and educational centers. On the other hand, Fulton Mall and all of Fulton Street delight all shopping-loving visitors.

The favorite corner of urban art lovers is Bushwick

Nearby you can also visit the imposing Brooklyn Borough Hall, inside which there is a visitor center with the most useful information for newcomers.

And if you’re looking for places to eat in the heart of Brooklyn, you have plenty of options at Dekalb Market Hall, and a cheesecake that will leave you speechless at Junior’s Cheesecake.

Bushwick, art on all four sides

For lovers of urban art, the favorite corner of Brooklyn can not be other than Bushwick. This neighborhood gradually filled its walls and walls with color, when numerous artists began to arrive, fleeing from the high prices of other areas of New York.Bushwick’s walls are full of urban art.

As a result, today this neighborhood appears in all the urban art guides, and its graffiti has traveled around the world. One of the streets where more murals are found is Troutman St and surroundings. In addition to being known for its street art, Bushwick is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn to have a complete brunch.

Dyker Heights, Christmas in the purest New York style

It’s no secret that Christmas is possibly the best time of year to visit New York. Why? It is simple. Its decoration is second to none. And this can be seen perfectly in Dyker Heights, a residential neighborhood full of typical American single-family houses.

In Dyker Heights, neighbors compete to see who has the best Christmas decorations in the entire city

During the most endearing time of the year, it becomes one of the essential places to see in New York, and its neighbors compete with each other to see who has the best decorated house in the entire city. In short, Dyker Heights is covered in lights to welcome curious visitors who come to the facades of the houses to make their own ranking.

The best-known and most ostentatiously decorated houses can be seen from 83rd to 86th streets between 11th and 13th avenues.

The illuminated walkways in Squibb Park

View from Squibb Park towards Manhattan.

To finish the route through Brooklyn, we recommend getting lost among the walkways of Squibb Park to enjoy the impressive views of the New York skyline full of illuminated buildings. This park is located in Brooklyn Heights, which, in addition to being one of the most elegant neighborhoods in New York outside of Manhattan, is very easy to find, as it is right next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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