Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world , and Zurich is the heart of capitalism , a mecca of world finance but also a city full of culture. “Zuri” is the nickname chosen by its inhabitants. Calm and quiet, it was chosen twice as the city with the best quality of life in the world and salaries are the highest in Europe. And it shows when you visit. But we give you some tips that will be very useful. The first few minutes in Switzerland can be hard, the sky-high prices are scary but don’t worry because it is possible to tour the city without spending a fortune, and enjoy it like any other inhabitant by following these tips.

The most economical and ecological option is to use a bicycle . And the good news: it’s free ! You just have to go to a Züri Rollt center to pick it up, you register, you leave a deposit that will then be returned to you and that’s it. You can park it anywhere to visit like a local. The Swiss love bicycles, you will see that there are all types and designs.zurich-bicycles.jpgBicycles are the most used means of transport in Zurich, Switzerland.

The bike journey starts at the Zürich Hauptbahnhof central station which has a very attractive underground shopping mall, and various art and sports events take place every week.

The bike path provides a very fast connection, follows the path of the Limmat River that runs through Zurich and divides it into two parts: the historical and the financial. In the historic center is Lindenhof , a garden that was a Roman fort in ancient times. From this hill you will enjoy a beautiful landscape of the Limmat.Lindenhof

Art and revolution

An hour and a half boat ride shows you a different panorama of the towns around Lake Zurich such as Thalwil and Erlenbach. From there you get a spectacular view of the metropolis and the architecture of the late nineteenth century. It will be a picturesque path where you will enjoy the swans that dance in the lake. And you will get a panoramic photo of the point where the Alps begin, with their snowy and imposing peaks.

Then head towards Grossmünster, a Romanesque church founded by Charlemagne . This sanctuary played a major role during the Protestant Reformation. Huldrych Zwingli, a follower of Luther, played a key role, encouraging priests to marry and denouncing the accumulation of wealth by the Catholic Church.Grossmünster church, Zurich, Switzerland.

Legend has it that in the 3rd century, the patron saints Félix, Regula and Exuperancio were persecuted for defending their Catholic faith, caught and forced to drink lead. They were beheaded and buried in the vicinity of Grossmünster.

The church towers burned down but were rebuilt in the Gothic style, becoming an icon of the city. Through its 184 steps you get a fascinating view of the majestic city. During religious celebrations different processions take place between the Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches.

Walk to the Fraumünster Chapel in the Old Town, which is known for five dazzling and colorful stained-glass designs by Marc Chagall. The artist expressed that “if you create from the heart, almost everything works”.Exterior of the Opera House, Zurich, Switzerland.

Another face of the multifaceted city is found in the artistic variety. More than 50 museums and 100 galleries make “Zuri” a center of art. The National Museum is a national historical monument that is located a stone’s throw from the central train station. The artistic and cultural atmosphere is also breathed in the streets, you will notice that the musicians, dancers and acrobats are part of this movement.

The Opera House constitutes another of its architectural treasures, as well as the Cabaret Voltaire , where the Tristán Tzara group broke with the art of its time and provoked a true artistic revolution through Dadaism.

Similarly, Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, from the soul of capitalism prepared the Russian revolution, a great paradox, this was the last place he was before traveling for eight days by train to Russia to lead the revolt. Lenin lived at 14 Spielgasse in the center for six months.Luxury shops in Zurich.

Cocoa and shopping

The Swiss are considered “the kings of cocoa”, a true culinary art. Cailler invented a technique in 1819 to make solid chocolate, since then the Swiss are recognized worldwide as the great master chocolatiers .

Taste different types, they are all delicious! Yes, Zurich at times smells like delicious hot chocolate.

The most exclusive and expensive products are sold on the Bahnhofstrasse avenue . The stores of the main luxury brands are full of customers, as you read, there is even a queue at the entrance. Watches, diamonds, gold, jewelry and cutting-edge technology are some of the offers. You will also distinguish high-end cars that parade through the streets with total normality.

Zurich at night

The Zurich night goes on until dawn, dance at the Hiltl club in Zurich, Switzerland. Every weekend there are themed evenings . In addition, during the afternoon of every Saturday a different DJ plays. It is an option to enjoy, for free, together with a signature cocktail bar. Through an environmental campaign, they prohibit the entry of users with coats or any accessory made with animal skin.Parties at the Hiltl.

Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world according to Guinness World Records. The story goes that Ambrosius Hiltl fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis and his doctor prescribed a meatless diet. From that event it occurred to him, in 1889, to take over the premises and offer vegetarian food.

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