Are you planning your trip to Ibiza? Do you have doubts about where to start? Do you want to know what to book and how to do it? In this post we tell you all the important details that you should know before starting to organize the trip so that you can enjoy the most, not only of the time you spend on the island but also of the entire organization process that we assure you, if you know how to do it, it can also be an unforgettable experience.

Known for being one of the most touristic destinations in the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches and its bohemian atmosphere, as well as its many options for daytime and nighttime entertainment, the island of Ibiza is one of those places that attract all kinds of travelers. regardless of what they are looking for, since as we always say, there is an Ibiza for each person. You do not believe it? Read on and delve into one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Based on the occasions that we have visited the island, the last one for a week in June to update this post about the places to see in Ibiza, we leave you what we believe are the 10 essential tips to travel to Ibiza  without stress and above all, to fully enjoy the island. Let’s start!

1. What is the best time to travel to Ibiza?

This is probably the first question you ask yourself since to a large extent, depending on the time you choose to travel, this will be your experience. And yes, you are right, since each time of the year has its own characteristics, although we assure you that, as we said before, there is an Ibiza for each traveler and also, there is an Ibiza for each time of the year.

  • High season (July and August):  without a doubt, this is the time most in demand by travelers and during which the island receives the most visitors thanks to the long sunny days, stable weather, very little chance of rain and being able to find all services at full capacity. All this, added to the idle character of the island, which is in all its splendor at this time, make these summer months ideal for traveling to Ibiza. Of course, in these months we recommend you book both the accommodation and the flight and the rental car as soon as possible in order to find good offers and, above all, availability.
  • Medium season: (May and June / September):  these months are our favorites since the weather is usually very good, with long and sunny days, although with the advantage that there is not so much tourism on the island, something that allows you to live it in a more relaxed and calm way. It is also advisable to book as far in advance as the line between high season and mid season is increasingly blurred.
  • Low season: (October to April):  as we said before, each traveler finds the Ibiza they are looking for. That is why if your idea of ​​the island is to enjoy it without people, with half-gas services and you don’t mind doing it with the occasional grayer day, without a doubt, this is the perfect time since prices are much more cheap, there is practically no tourism and the island is still magical.
Es Vedrá tips for traveling to Ibiza

2. What do I need to know (and book) before organizing my trip to Ibiza?

Many times we forget to spend some extra time to organize a trip. This in Ibiza, especially if you are going to travel in mid or high season, can mean that you end up paying much more than you thought or worse, that you find yourself with a lack of availability on flights or hotels. So that this does not happen to you, we recommend you sit in front of your computer or take a pencil and paper and write down the things that are necessary (or recommended) to book in advance so that your trip to Ibiza is a guaranteed success.

  • Flights:  once you have decided on the days you are going to travel to Ibiza, in the next point we will talk about this, it is very important to book flights as far in advance as possible in order to get good prices. We always review the options available in this flight search engine and also in Google Flights. In case you don’t want to rent a car or motorcycle, if you don’t want to worry about anything, you can hire a private transfer and thus move around the island without worries.
  • Hotels: the next step will be to find accommodation. As with the rest of the points, it is advisable to do it as far in advance as possible to find good deals. As we will explain later, the accommodation options in Ibiza are infinite, as are the areas in which to do it, so we advise you to take it easy and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. We use Booking and we always find the best options at the best prices.
  • Rental car (or motorcycle):  if you want to tour the island, there is nothing better than having a rental car or motorcycle, since this way you can easily and quickly reach any of the tourist attractions on the island. island. We always compare the offers available at AutoEurope and Rentalcars with whom we also contract Premium insurance, which is a kind of comprehensive insurance but cheaper.
  • Ferry:  another thing that we recommend you not leave to chance is booking the ferry, either to get to the island from the peninsula or to move between islands. We always use the Ferryhopper website and it works great for us!
  • Activities:  many times we leave the reservation of the activities we want to do during our stay on the island until the last minute. Although of all, this would be the aspect that we can leave a little more neglected , depending on the season in which you travel and above all, if you want to take a boat trip, it is best to be clear about the options and whenever possible, make the reservation in advance. Here you can check here all the excursions in Ibiza.
  • Restaurants:  believe it or not, making a reservation at the most famous restaurants on the island means guaranteeing a table. That is why we recommend you spend some time checking if there is one where you want to have lunch or dinner in order to make a reservation and thus enjoy Ibizan gastronomy as much as possible, which is undoubtedly another of the great reasons to travel. to the island. In this post about the best restaurants in Ibiza you can find our recommendations.
Tips for a trip to Ibiza

3. How many days do you recommend traveling to Ibiza? Is one weekend enough?

Another of the queries and doubts that come to us the most when you are preparing your trip to Ibiza is how many days are necessary to get to know the island. Without a doubt, this is something very personal and as we have repeated on several occasions, there is an Ibiza for each traveler and that also applies to the time you have. For now we will tell you that, whatever the type, you will enjoy the island. Having said this, we do have to say that the ideal, to know the essential places to see in Ibiza and also to calmly enjoy its beaches, would be to have between 5 and 7 days.

Can’t travel to Ibiza for so many days? Do not worry because with less time you can also enjoy it a lot and also, with a great advantage: by not seeing everything, you will always have the excuse to want to organize another getaway as quickly as possible. This is the premise that we recommend travelers who go to the island for a weekend. Although it is true that it is not ideal since there are many places to see, if you organize yourself and have an optimized guide, you will be able to enjoy several beaches, get to know a city or town and, of course, go to one of the markets in the island that, over time, have become the main protagonists of the most Ibizan summers.

cala tips for traveling to Ibiza

4. Proposals for routes around Ibiza (3,4 and 5 days)

Shall we continue with various proposals for routes around Ibiza? We have already told you that the ideal would be to have about 5 days to get to know the most important places, but there are many factors that make it so for many travelers who do not have that time. And of course, also to them, whatever days they have, Ibiza is going to surprise them. Whatever your situation and the days you have, we share with you several options that are of course customizable and can be adapted to your tastes and needs so that you can enjoy the island to the full no matter how many days you have.

Trip to Ibiza in 3 days

These would be the minimum days that we would recommend to travel to Ibiza. As we have told you, all the proposals can (and should) be adapted to your tastes, since we have designed them based on our preferences, including a more relaxed part in the morning, which we suggest you spend on the beach for later. In the afternoon, continue with visits to towns, cities and, of course, the most famous markets on the island.

  • Day 1: Plages de Comte – Ibiza – Es Vedrá
  • Day 2: Cala Salada – Faro des Moscater – Cala Benirrás
  • Day 3: Ses Salines – Las Dalias Market – Sant Antoni

Ibiza in 4 days

If your trip to Ibiza has one more day, without a doubt, we recommend you continue visiting some of the best-known beaches as well as including Santa Eulària, one of our favorite places on the island and, if it is Wednesday, Es Canar, one of the areas most touristic on the island where you can visit one of the best-known markets. In the event that Wednesday coincides with another day of the trip, you can change the order or if it does not coincide, visit another market or make a change with some day of the Ibiza proposal in 5 days. The most important thing when organizing an itinerary is that it includes places that are interesting to you and that you know you can enjoy. We recommend you dedicate some time to this in order to make your trip unforgettable.

  • Day 1: Plages de Comte – Ibiza – Es Vedrá
  • Day 2: Cala Salada – Faro des Moscater – Cala Benirrás
  • Day 3: Ses Salines – Las Dalias Market – Sant Antoni
  • Day 4: Es Bol Nou – Es Canar – Santa Eulalia

Ibiza in 5 days

Do you have 5-7 days to travel to Ibiza? Then you can practically include in your tour all the essentials of Ibiza or at least, a large part of the most tourist attractions. Remember that Ibiza is a relatively small island, so traveling will not take excessive time and, if you have rented a car, you will be able to move around with free schedules, something that will allow you to go to another beach, if the one we propose you has lots of people or visit another town if it suits you better or you like it better. As we have commented on several occasions, and we will not tire of repeating, this is your trip to Ibiza. We only share with you some ideas so that you can use them, if you want, as an example of a possible route, but in the end, you have the last word.

  • Day 1: Plages de Comte – Ibiza – Es Vedrá
  • Day 2: Cala Salada – Faro des Moscater – Cala Benirrás
  • Day 3: Ses Salines – Las Dalias Market – San Antoni
  • Day 4: Es Bol Nou – Es Canar Market – Santa Eulalia
  • Day 5: Cala Xarraca – Portinatx – Cova de Can Marçà – Es Portitxol

You can find extended information about these routes on this route through Ibiza in 3,4 and 5 days, in which you will find all the details and tips to enjoy the island to the fullest, whatever days you have.

Santa Eulària travel tips in Ibiza

5. Cities and towns of Ibiza that you cannot miss

Although it is true that most travelers come to the island attracted by its beaches and its leisure offer, we have to say that Ibiza is much more than that and among all the remarkable things, we cannot forget its cities and towns, many of them they are charming, which over time have become other essentials  that should not be left out on any route around the island.

We recommend you pay special attention to this point so that you can assess which ones best suit your tastes and thus be able to include them in your trip to Ibiza. In addition, you will be able to find links to the articles that we have written about them so that you do not miss anything during your visit.

Cities and towns of Ibiza

We leave you with a selection of some of the most touristic cities and towns on the island so that you can learn about some of their main characteristics and thus be able to decide whether or not to include them when traveling to Ibiza.

  • Ibiza city: without a doubt, if you can only visit one town or city, our choice would be Eivissa city. Known for being the capital of the island, its leisure offer and for having one of the most beautiful historic centers in the country, we assure you that you will not regret including it in your tour of the island. We recommend you read this post about the places to see in Eivissa city and this one with recommendations for restaurants to eat in Eivissa city to get the best taste in your mouth.
  • Sant Antoni de Portmany : although San Antonio is sometimes discarded due to its fame as a place of leisure, during our last trip we stayed here for a week and we can only say good things and recommend it as a possible place to stay. We recommend you read this post with recommendations for things to see and do in San Antonio and this post on where to eat in San Antonio where you will find gastronomic recommendations that we are sure will surprise you.
  • Santa Eulària des Riu:  ideal for any type of traveler, Santa Eulària des Riu is a municipality that does not disappoint anyone thanks to its great tourist offer. Located in the eastern zone, we could also say that it is the gastronomic heart of the island since some of the best restaurants are located here.
  • Sant Josep de sa Talaia:  if you want to get to know and enjoy the most traditional atmosphere, you cannot miss visiting San José, one of the most beloved towns on the island. In addition, a popular traditional market is held on Saturdays, which is surely another great reason to include it in your route.
  • Santa Gertrudis: Santa Gertrudis is located in the center of the island, a perfect town for those travelers fleeing the most touristy part of the island.
  • Es Canar : on the east coast of Ibiza and in a beautiful bay, is Es Canar, home to one of the most famous markets on the island.
  • San Carlos: located a short distance from the well-known Las Dalias market, San Carlos is that small spot where the island’s hippie atmosphere is still maintained, partly thanks to Bar Anita, a meeting place at the time and which Currently, it is a place of obligatory passage for any traveler.
  • San Rafael:  between Ibiza town and Sant Antoni de Portmany, San Rafael is a place to enjoy gastronomy, crafts and that haven of peace that is sometimes so necessary in a place like Ibiza.
  • Es Cubells: in the southwest of the island we find Es Cubells, another of the most traditional towns on the island where you can feel like you are going back in time.
  • Santa Agnès de Corona:  if you are interested in getting to know the most rural Ibiza, then you cannot miss visiting Santa Agnès de Corona.
Dalt Vila tips for traveling to Ibiza

6. Essential beaches and coves. Everything you need to know before traveling to Ibiza

What would traveling to Ibiza be without its beaches? You can surely continue to be an incredible destination but we cannot deny that it would lose much of its charm, don’t you think? And it is that the coves and beaches of Ibiza are, to a large extent, the objective of many travelers who come to the island with the intention of enjoying its impossible blue waters and its hidden coves in which enjoyment is guaranteed. Of course, we have to warn you: if this island can boast of something, it is its coves and beaches, so it will be impossible to include them all in this post, much less discover them in a single trip. That is why we recommend you also take some time in choosing the ones you want to visit, because although they are all spectacular, it is always preferable to choose the ones that are closest to your tastes. Don’t have time or desire to choose? Don’t worry! Wherever you go, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Another thing that we believe is very important is to know that in high season, especially during the months of July and August, if you go by car to the most famous beaches it is highly recommended to go first thing in the morning (8am-9am) since the car parks They usually fill up very quickly and it is practically impossible to find a place after that time. In case you go by motorcycle, do not worry because in general, you will not have problems. In case you don’t want to worry about anything, another highly recommended option is to book one of these boat trips in Ibiza with which you can get to know the Ibizan coast and enjoy its incredible beaches to the fullest.

  • Salty Cove
  • Hort Cove
  • Cala Vadella
  • Comte Beaches
  • Sa Caleta
  • Cala Bassa
  • gracioneta cove
  • Cala Benirrás
  • Ses Salines Beach
  • Cala Jondal

We recommend you read this post about the best beaches and coves in Ibiza to have more information on this subject.

Cala Gracioneta tips for traveling to Ibiza

7. Where to sleep in Ibiza? Best areas to enjoy the island

Another of the big questions that usually arise when preparing a trip to Ibiza is where to stay. And we cannot forget that to a large extent, this choice will determine what the trip will be like or, at least, part of it. And although we know that to a large extent, this will depend on your tastes and what you want to do during your stay on the island, as with all other aspects, we recommend paying special attention to avoid surprises later or having to be in a place which is not to your liking.

We are going to try to help you with several recommendations, among which are our favorites on the island, based on our experience as well as taking into account several options, so that whatever type of traveler you are, you can find one that suits your tastes. . Remember that, if you are going to travel in high season, it is very important to book as far in advance as, in general, prices skyrocket and availability, as summer approaches, is considerably reduced.

  • Eivissa city: for us, this is one of the best options if you want to be close to everything and have good communications with the rest of the island.
  • Sant Antoni de Portmany: as we mentioned before, this was our choice the last time we visited the island and the truth is that it was a success since we were very well connected and we had a wide gastronomic offer, which we could enjoy during the dinners. We stayed at Hostal Can Beia, an accommodation with great value for money and the main thing, located close to everything but in a super quiet street, something that for us was essential and more so in a location like San Antonio that is known for for their party nights.
  • Santa Eulària des Riu: a first class family destination, this area is another of our favorites as it is perfect for travellers, especially families, who want to have all the services.
  • Cala Tarida : in case you are looking for tranquility and the beach, this is undoubtedly one of the best choices.
  • Playa d’en Bossa:  known for being one of the most touristy and party areas on the island, this area is also highly recommended if you want to be well connected and have all the services at hand. Don’t you like the party? Don’t worry, many families stay here too, you just have to find a quiet area on the beach and enjoy.
  • Cala Sant Vicenç: in the north of the island, here you can enjoy the tranquility that is often not easy to find in Ibiza.

To have all the information on this subject, we recommend you not stop reading this post about where to stay in Ibiza in which you can find all the details of each of the areas we are talking about at this point.

Playa d'en Bossa tips for traveling to Ibiza

8. Do I need to rent a car to tour Ibiza? Recommendations for driving

Rent a car to travel to Ibiza? Is it really necessary? The answer will basically depend on the type of trip you want to do and, above all, how free  you want to be during your stay on the island. Based on our experience, we would tell you that a car (or motorbike) is more than essential, it is highly recommended if you want to do a relatively complete route around the island, since in this way you will not have to depend on public transport, which on many occasions does not even have the connections nor the schedules as frequent as we would like. In case you want to rent, we recommend you review the options available on rental car search engines such as Rentalcars or AutoEurope where you can find the best prices.

Another option, which although slower, is perfect if you want to take your own car or motorcycle, is to take one of the ferries that leave every day from Barcelona, ​​Valencia or its neighbor, Mallorca. We opted for this option on our last visit to the island, since we were going to be on the islands for a month and we preferred to take our car and the truth is that it was great for us.

We also leave you some general tips for driving in Ibiza:

  • Remember the importance of following the regulations and not exceeding the permitted speed. It is also very important to pay attention to the signs since in some areas, the established speed is lower than the maximum allowed. Paying attention to the road is the only way to not have any unpleasant surprises.
  • If you want to go to the beach, especially in summer, we recommend you go first thing in the morning, around 8-9 in the morning to avoid parking problems.
  • If you can’t find it, avoid parking outside the designated areas at all times. It is very important to respect the environment and above all, not to damage it.
  • In most towns you will find free parking areas or in the case that they are blue zones, the prices are usually quite reasonable. In Ibiza town this can be more complicated, so if you don’t want to waste a lot of time looking for parking, it may be more advisable to park in a private car park.
  • In case you are going out at night and plan to drink, do not think twice. Leave the car at the hotel and get around by taxi or public transport. Don’t play it!
road cala d´hort tips for trip to Ibiza

9. Ibizan gastronomy

Without a doubt, gastronomy is another of the great reasons to travel to Ibiza. And it is that not everything is beach and leisure; The kitchen on the island plays a very important role that we recommend you not to leave aside. Although we know that it is impossible to include all the typical recipes of the island in a few lines, we do want to mention some of them so that during your trip, you can try them, taste them and leave with the best taste in your mouth.

  • Bullit de peix: this fish stew, which is eaten as a first course, before arroz a banda, is one of the most typical and delicious dishes of Ibizan gastronomy.
  • Sofrit pagès: this is another of the most traditional dishes and it basically consists of different meats, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Fried octopus: a dish made with octopus, potato, onion and pepper is one of our favourites. Don’t stop trying it!
  • Country salad: this is another of the best-known recipes. The dish is made with boiled potatoes, roasted red peppers, egg, tomato and cod and is eaten both cold and warm.
  • Slaughter rice: this is one of the most typical and delicious rice dishes. Of course, we warn you, it is so forceful that after eating it you will probably need to take a long nap.
  • Greixonera: this is one of our favorite desserts. It is made with leftover ensaimada and has a pudding texture and as you can imagine, it is delicious!
  • Flaó:  similar to a cheesecake, this dessert is also made with mint and sugar.
  • Orelletes:  very similar to donuts, this is a typical island sweet that is also delicious.

In addition to these dishes and recipes, we recommend you not to stop trying the Ibizan salt, one of our favourites, the herbal liqueur, the sobrasada, the Santa Gertrudis cheese and the aioli, which will be served as a starter in all the restaurants ( and they will charge you for it too) and it is delicious.

At the point where we talked about the cities and towns of Ibiza, we have included links to some articles that we have written with recommendations for restaurants in Ibiza town, Sant Antoni de Portmany… etc. but we also recommend you review this post on restaurants where to eat in Ibiza, in which we include recommendations of venues throughout the island.

10. Excursions in Ibiza

On several occasions we have talked about the possibility of taking an excursion during your trip to Ibiza. Although you have many options, normally the most demanded are the boat tours, at this point we want to share with you some of the best valued by travelers and those that we believe can fit perfectly into any of the routes that we previously shared. Remember that if you are going to travel in high season it is highly recommended to book in advance so as not to run out of space.

  • Boat trip through Cala Bassa and Cala Conta from San Antonio
  • Excursion to Es Vedrá + Formentera from San Antonio
  • Excursion to Cala Saladeta and Ses Margalides by boat
  • More excursions here

If you want to go to Formentera one day, we recommend you read this post on how to go from Ibiza to Formentera.

boat trip to Ibiza
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