Many of us arrive in our golden years with everything we need to enjoy the best trips of our lives. We have the time and the inclination, the desire to want to explore the world after so many years of hard work. A well-deserved moment of rest. And for those with the time and age specified, we have a list of the top 10 trips for the over 60s. Do you dare to explore the world?

Charming places to organize your trips for the over 60s

There are cities and countries that are full of magic to receive the best travelers. The ones you want to discover, what each destination has to offer. Among many destinations, one country is unanimous: Argentina.

Buenos Aires and a circuit in Argentina

The country of tango has become the number one travel destination for people over 60. The magic of a bohemian city like Buenos Aires which serves as a port of disembarkation for all the elderly who wish to enjoy their best years.

The best part is that it’s not just Buenos Aires, the whole south of the country is a utopian destination for the elderly. A circuit through Buenos Aires, Iguazu and Patagonia could thus turn out to be an unforgettable trip that you have to live by taking the time.


Speaking of magical cities, we have several examples in Europe. One of them is Porto. Its proximity to Spain, its beautiful architecture and its gastronomy can delight anyone! Another reason to choose this city is the ease with which you will get there. This city could be your first travel destination for the over 60s. The most beautiful city in Portugal awaits you.

Japan and the Magic of Rising Sun Traditions

Asian cultures are more and more mysterious that many people want to discover. Immersing yourself in enigmatic places that preserve their history, their culture, their traditions is a good idea to make the best trips of your life. The culture and traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun are a good example of what someone over 60 could enjoy.


Portugal is more than a magical destination, it’s an incredible place. Madeira Island could also be a unique destination where you can relax and spend a few days of absolute rest on paradisiacal tropical beaches.


Turkey is, in general, an excellent destination to enjoy your retirement. A place where you will find beautiful sunsets on a hot air balloon. The meeting of two worlds, two continents steeped in history. After a few years in which many events have taken place, tourism is coming back, here we will show you if it is safe to travel to Turkey | Tips to consider.

Adventure is also within the reach of people over 60

You have spent your life working, you want to discover places with a lot of adrenaline, unique paradises and live experiences you have never had before. What do you think of these options below?

The Galapagos and evolution

Do you want to know the largest turtles in the world? A place that we love and that you can discover during your trip to Ecuador. This South American country will be proud to welcome you to one of its most beautiful places. The Galapagos Islands in the Ecuadorian Pacific can be on your bucket list.

Brazil and its wildlife

The largest country in South America has many paradises to discover. Big cities, beaches, natural parks and the largest rainforest in the world. Here you can discover the lungs of the world, the Amazon jungle could be the adventure of your life.

Canada and the Rocky Mountains

Let’s continue this journey through destinations with great natural wealth. Canada has become one of the favorite destinations for people over 60. The great natural wealth of this North American country is undeniable. Here are the best natural parks in Canada where you can disconnect.

Cuba, because you can’t miss the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a place you have to know and nothing better than Cuba for you to enjoy the magic of the island and the best of a country of pirates, revolution, beach and lots of flavors.

South Africa, a luxury destination

Another of the favorite destinations of the over 60s. You’ll find a mix of everything you might need. Cities, beaches, mountains, in addition to an adventure that you can only experience in wild Africa. If you want to enjoy a unique trip with the luxury you deserve, we invite you to do this safari in Kruger and Cape Town. Are you ready to have fun?

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