Some of the most paradisiacal beaches and coves on the planet are found in the Caribbean Sea- Some of whose lesser-known and spectacular corners are only accessible by boat, plane or on foot… With tens of thousands of kilometers of coastline, in the Caribbean there are some one of the most spectacular seaside areas in the world. And some of them offer an additional charm: they include almost secret places that can only be reached on board a boat. Users of Samboat, a portal specializing in boat rentals online, between individuals and professionals, have selected the most paradisiacal beaches in the Caribbean Sea at the request of EFE. In the selection are some from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands. All the beaches included in this selection have difficult access by land or they do not. For this reason, they can be considered as secret destinations that can be reached by boat, explain Laurent Calando and Nicolas Cargou, founding partners of SamBoat.

Two beaches in Ilha Grande (Brazil)

Two of the selected beaches are located on Ilha Grande, in Brazil. A charming island that hides beautiful places and is free of cars. The contour of its coast measures 155 kilometers. This island has a maximum length of about 30 km and a maximum width of 14 km. In its history it stands out to have been a refuge for pirates, a leper colony and a prison. Perhaps it is thanks to all this that she has managed to remain a virgin. In addition, its geography is home to beautiful tropical beaches and the Atlantic jungle that forms a protected area as a state park.

Lopes Mendes Beach

Wild, lonely and impressively beautiful, its waters are so transparent that hundreds of colorful fish can be seen with the naked eye. Despite being a huge beach, its difficult access, just walking or by boat, means that few people dare to visit it. The sea there is light blue in some parts and green in others, but always transparent. With big waves, it is ideal for surfing because the beach remains shallow for tens of meters, which gives the waves a good ride. They are warm waters that allow you to enjoy the sea for hours.


Caxadaco Beach

Called the ‘pearl’ of Ilha Grande, it is a sheltered cove between rocks covered with enormous vegetation, so it is best to reach this site by sea. It served as a refuge for the boats of smugglers and pirates. There are only two ways to access this beach on Ilha Grande: following a path from Vila do Abraão towards Dois Rios, or from the sea, by boat.

Cayos Francisquõ (Los Roques, Venezuela)

The Los Roques archipelago is considered the best-kept natural paradise on the Venezuelan coast. It is famous for its paradisiacal beaches and for having some of the most impressive underwater backgrounds in the entire Caribbean. Its multiple keys and islets are home to paradisiacal beaches and exuberant corners, for example, the beaches of Cayos Francisquõ with their white sands and crystalline waters. In addition to those of Gran Roque, which is the island with the largest population. They are beaches protected by a coral reef and have a lagoon with shallow and crystalline waters. Here it is highly recommended to practice snorkeling or surface diving.

Sombrero Cay (Morrocoy, Venezuela)

In the area of ​​the Golfo Triste, in Venezuela, is the bay of Morrocoy, of great color and beauty. One of the most beautiful places in this aquatic-terrestrial universe that can be accessed by boat is Cayo Sombrero Island, with its great beaches. Another island with paradisiacal beaches in Morrocoy is Cayo Borracho, which has a small and secluded sector that can be visited by yacht or aboard private boats.

Beaches of Aguadilla (Puerto Rico)

The northwestern corner of the island of Puerto Rico houses the attractive beaches of Aguadilla, with palm-fringed sandbars, where you can enjoy incredible sunsets, according to Samboat. It may interest you: Dive into the most beautiful pools in Mexico this summer

 Flamenco Beach (Culebra Island, Puerto Rico)

It is only possible to access Isla de Culebra by boat or by plane. It has a dream beach where it is claimed that scenes from the movies ‘The Blue Lagoon’ (1980) and ‘Cast Away’ (2000) were filmed, and which is considered one of the best in Puerto Rico. It is a beach with white sands and crystalline blue waters that contrast with the exuberant vegetation, where glass containers are not allowed for safety reasons and for the care of the environment. It is also a paradise for snorkelers.


Tayrona Park (Santa Marta, Colombia)

The bay of Santa Marta is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. It hosts numerous white sand beaches and the majority of calm waters. Its sandy bars, framed by wild nature, are recognized as among the most beautiful. It is located about 34 kilometers to the east of Santa Marta, about half an hour by car, it can be accessed by sea aboard small boats from the Bay of Taganga, according to Samboat reports.

British Virgin Islands

This British overseas territory, which is part of an archipelago discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, is made up of about forty islands, among which four stand out: Túrtola (where the capital Road Town is located), Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Fat woman. They are one of the most requested places for boat rentals due to their subtropical climate, which is characterized by the presence of stable winds, white sand and turquoise water. It is also possible to practice diving and snorkeling. The British Virgin Islands are blessed with a hot and humid tropical climate with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, thanks to the constant winds that blow from the north.

The best season to discover these Caribbean islands is in the driest months: from December to April.

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