Inhabited since the Middle Ages, thirty-three generations have passed through it. And it still continues to be one of the must-see destinations in Germany.

Burg Eltz is one of the essential places to visit in Europe and one of the best postcards in all of Germany. Without a doubt, it seems to be taken from a story and invites you to dream, so we want to share some curiosities about Eltz Castle with you.

Its view is impressive, either from the nearby viewpoints or from the entrance bridge. A castle of great beauty that is worth visiting.

Brief history of Eltz Castle

The castle’s first owner was Rudolf von Eltz and it has been in his family ever since.

Eltz Castle has its origins more than 850 years ago , maintaining its original structure. The first documents that speak of its construction date back to 1157, the year in which Federico I Barbarossa issued a certificate of donation.

The first property belonged to Rudolf von Eltz, this being a small complex where he lived. But in 1268 the heirs of the same, Elias, Wilhelm and Theoderich quarreled .

And because of this, the family is separated into three branches, each keeping a part of the castle.

It is from this moment that each branch would begin to build extensions to the castle, sharing the original structure. The current form that we can see of Eltz Castle dates from at least 1661, at which time it would house about a hundred members of the family . Of the three branches into which the Eltz family was divided (Kempenich, Rodendorf and Rubenach), only the Kempenich have survived.

Location of Eltz Castle

This castle  is surrounded by forests and is far from any modern building . Both its towers and walls are a clear example of architecture and the ideal of the Middle Ages.

The fortress is located along the Moselle River, halfway between the cities of Cochem and Koblenz, surrounded by the Elzbach River, a tributary of the Moselle River. In addition, it is located on top of a rock more than seventy meters high above the river , and is connected to the land through a beautiful bridge that serves as an entrance.

5 curiosities of Eltz Castle in Germany

These are some of the most interesting curiosities of this famous German castle.

1. It has been inhabited by dozens of generations

Burg Eltz is still owned by the same family , which has lived here since the 12th century, that is, thirty-three generations have occupied it since its inception. Therefore, it is a witness to German history. Conceived under the ideals of the Middle Ages, it served as the home and defensive structure of this family.

2. The Platteltz is the oldest part of the castle

The castle is the product of construction over several centuries , with different structures being added. However, we can see among these, the oldest part of the castle, which is the Platteltz , a Romanesque-style tower.

3. A castle with up to eight towers

This castle is made up of eight towers, with a height of up to eight stories, oscillating between thirty and forty meters in height. In addition, they are fortified thanks to thick outer walls, highlighting the old Romanesque tower known as Platteltz .

4. Three branches of the family, three different structures

Unlike other castles, Burg Eltz was not built as a unit, but had different interventions.

Burg Eltz is a Ganerbenburg , this means that it is a structure that is occupied and managed by several families at the same time. This influences the fact that the Eltz castle was not built as a unit, but is the sum of several different interventions .

Thus, among the different additions that were made to the castle, we find the houses of the families. We can date that the Rubenach house was built around 1472 , being the first house to be built. Later, between the years 1490 and 1540, the Rodendorf house was built, both being late Gothic additions with exaggerated decoration.

Finally, for the year 1530 the structure that corresponds to the Kempenich family is built , where each room has heating. This is remarkable, since at that time it was very unusual, since one or two rooms of a castle used to be heated.

5. A valuable art collection

Eltz Castle contains a beautiful collection of art pieces as well as a valuable treasure trove of many objects . The Eltz family put together this collection for eight centuries, made up of various pieces of gold, silver and porcelain, as well as other jewels.

As we have seen with these curiosities, the Eltz castle is one of the most beautiful places in all of Germany , standing out for its stupendous architecture and for the high landscape value of its surroundings. So don’t forget to visit it on your next trip to Germany.

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