Egypt is one of the most enigmatic and wonderful countries to discover. Walking in Cairo and entering the archaeological zones observing the majestic pyramids or the Valley of the Kings. A destination that thanks to the exchange rate is accessible to all budgets

What to visit in Egypt?

Egypt is one of my favorite places because wherever you turn you will find something to learn: gastronomy, culture and history. It is a place for curious travelers and where you will learn to be tolerant and lose your fear of what is not familiar to you. 

The most emblematic are the pyramids of Giza. It is one of the most visited sites where you can see the main ones and the famous sphinx. You will find other places such as: walking the streets of Cairo, visiting Alexandria and the archaeological zones of Luxor, Edfu, Memphis and Kom Ombo and Abydos. 

To discover the “basics” of Egypt I recommend at least a week -although you will have a VERY tight itinerary-.

How to visit Giza?

Giza is wonderful…without tourists. I recommend you arrive very early or late in the day, once the tourist buses have left. Giza is an area of ​​pyramids, tombs and temples. At night the area is illuminated with a light and sound show. 

If you want to see the wealth of Egypt, then I have to tell you that you should go to other museums in the world. I have found the true beauty of Egypt in the halls of the British Museum, at the MET in New York and some memorabilia in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. If you go to Giza, go with the expectation of finding historical monuments more than artifacts. 

When to visit Egypt?

If you are planning a trip, the best advice I can give you is to go in autumn or winter because in spring and summer the temperature is usually VERY warm. Many of the attractions are in the south and even though they are close to the Nile, the heat can be stifling. Remember to include in your list: Giza, Luxor, Abu Simbel. 

One of the best experiences that I can recommend is living “Ramadan”, a religious celebration that includes fasting as part of it. It’s fun? Yes! At night there is usually more life than during the day in which almost everything is closed -mainly the services-.

On tour or on my own?

Throughout the country you will find many points of interest to cover on your route. It is a trip that you can preferably do on tours since they are very well armed and you will have a guide in your language. However, personally I think that you have a lot of time left to see and enjoy the main attractions. 

Traveling on a tour has many benefits:

  • You save money since you share costs. 
  • You can cover MUCH more places, albeit with VERY little time.
  • You have a guide who explains and gives you the context
  • Transportation and sometimes meals are already included

Some things I don’t like about the tours:

  • You always go on a VERY tight schedule and you don’t enjoy what you’re experiencing.
  • Sometimes the guides take you to stores or restaurants of their choice because they give them a commission. 
  • You have no flexibility to explore. 

What activities to do in Egypt?

To focus on visiting all the archaeological areas is to lose sight of the culture of the country. One of the mistakes that I have seen in hundreds of travelers is that people only go for history and leave out the enriching part of the trip: discovering and living. These are some recommendations that will help you complement it:

  • Take a Nile cruise – they are pretty good and take you to Luxor and Aswan. On your way you will find Kom Ombo, Edfu and Karnak. 
  • Cairo is a chaotic city, brown and undeniably a bit scary to face. The advantage is transportation where you can find some APPS to go to the main sites. And please, eat as much as you can at their restaurants. Egyptian food is delicious. 
  • If you have time, escape to the beaches and take a tour of the Red Sea. Something you will remember forever. 

Advantages to go to Egypt

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage is that it is an “accessible” destination. The exchange rate helps to stretch the budget further and indulge in certain luxuries that are more expensive in other countries: a good hotel, an excellent restaurant, private transportation… I sincerely believe that it is VERY worth taking a tour of this beautiful country that will leave you with his mouth open. 

Now that you know that, it’s time to get out there, discover the world and share this knowledge with others. 

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