Good, beautiful and still within the accessible cities of Europe: the Czech Republic should be on your list of places to visit.

Beautiful castles and palaces, world-renowned spas, pure nature, historic cities and famous cuisine, what will you choose? In this small country, located in the heart of Europe, you will always have at your fingertips the wealth of endless natural and cultural treasures! No site is so far away that it cannot be visited.

Discover the historical heritage of the Czech Republic: the most interesting castles and palaces, UNESCO monuments and the fascinating atmosphere of ancient cities.

Prague a fairytale city

Prague, the city of a hundred spires, a UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. Winding alleys of the Jewish Quarter that you know from the novels of Franz Kafka, steeped in the ancient legend about the Golem. Cafés that tempt you to sit down for a while, trendy shops and cruises on the Vltava River. The Gothic-style Charles Bridge and St. Nicholas Church, the most beautiful baroque church in Prague in the Lesser Town district.

Charles bridge and bridge towers

The Charles Bridge will never cease to fascinate the painters, photographers and poets who praise it in their works. When the first rays of the sun touch its cobbled floor and illuminate the massive Gothic towers at either end, you could hardly look for a more romantic spot. With the imposing silhouette of Prague Castle in the background and the gallery of Baroque statues on its sides, it is not surprising that it belongs to the most beautiful places in Europe.

Old Town Astronomical Clock

There are many legends that tell of the origins of the Prague astronomical clock. But the most accepted is still the one that says it was built by the master Hanuš in 1410.

The councilors at that time were so enthusiastic about the astronomical clock that they later began to fear that the master Hanuš would build a copy of it in another European metropolis. One dark night they ordered him blinded, with which Prague is the only city that was proud and continues to be proud of its astronomical clock. Whether the legend is true or false, the truth is that every time the clock strikes one hour on the hour, 12 apostles lean out of two windows, under an eave, at the same time reanimating the figures located on both sides.

Prague Castle

What is the biggest castle in the world? Of course the one in Prague! In its courtyards, palaces, museum and gardens you can lose yourself for a whole day and admire the impressive beauty of the thousand-year history of the seat of Czech kings, emperors and presidents. The whole complex is dominated by the monumental Gothic Cathedral of Saint Vitus, which is among the most beautiful in Europe. Discover the symbols of the Czech Republic and places that make Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Prague Palace Gardens

The smell of flowering shrubs, graceful architecture, fountains, spiral staircases, smug peacocks basking in the sun, and breathtaking views. These are the palatial gardens that belong to the best that the city of a hundred towers has to offer. Enter the intimate world of paradisiacal tranquility and discover one of the wonders of European garden architecture.

Mirador de Petřín

Visit Petřín Hill with its elegant viewpoint inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. After overcoming the 299 steps to reach its top, a spectacular panoramic view of the city will open up to you, replete with towers, chimneys and majestic facades of baroque palaces. Today Petřín is one of the favorite places for couples, but also a place where you can take a leisurely walk, have a picnic with friends or have a drink in one of the taverns.

Jewish Quarter in Prague

Only a few European capitals can be more proud of their well-preserved Jewish ghetto than the one in Prague. The six synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall, the magical cemetery and a unique “genius loci” make the Josefov district of Prague the place that you should not miss on your walks through the Golden City. Learn about the ancient history of the Prague Jews, their architecture, traditions, customs and stories, some of the saddest of the 20th century.

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