Declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, Menorca is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise blue waters, which enjoy a little more tranquility than its neighbors Mallorca and Ibiza. Among its more than 100 beaches, you will find everything from small virgin coves hidden between cliffs to larger ones with all the services that will delight children and adults. To get to them, it is recommended to rent a car or motorcycle, with this last option you will avoid possible problems finding parking in the busiest ones, especially if you travel in July and August. As advice, to avoid finding too many people on the beaches and high prices for accommodation, we recommend traveling to Menorca during the months of May, June or September.

To get to Menorca or move between the islands, you have direct flights from the main Spanish and European cities. Another option, much more comfortable especially if you bring your car, is to choose to book the ferry from this page (without extra fees).

Based on the experience of the times we visited this island, the last one on a route through Menorca by car in which we wrote this list of essential places to see in Menorca and this list of tips for traveling to Menorca, we have made this selection of those that We think they are the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Menorca . Let’s start!

1. Cala Macarella, one of the best beaches in Menorca

Cala Macarella, the beach that appears on the typical holiday postcard and in the Estrella Damm advertisement, is one of the most beautiful coves in Menorcaand crowded. This little paradise on earth has it all, turquoise waters, fine white sand, pine forests, 30 meter cliffs on both sides and a great beach bar to quench your thirst. Although fame has a price and every summer it is filled with tourists and boats that anchor in its transparent waters. One of the best things to do on this beach is to walk a section of the Camí de Cavalls, a historic path that borders the island and was used to spot pirates, which will allow you to reach La Macarelleta, a small cove full of charm and where there is a proliferation of nudism. One of its big drawbacks is that the two car parks closed due to the large influx of people and it can only be reached with a shuttle bus from Ciudadela that costs 9 euros per person or by taxi.

Cala Macarella, the best beaches in Menorca

2. Turqueta Cove

Cala Turqueta, located near Macarella, lives up to its name and the intense blue color of its waters are reminiscent of the idyllic images of Caribbean beaches. Surrounded by pine forests that provide shade on the sunniest days, this virgin white sand beach is divided in two by a rocky outcrop and is another of the best beaches in spend a magnificent day of vacation. One of its problems is that it fills up very quickly with people and the tourist boats that leave the port of Ciutadella stop at this beach, so if you are looking for tranquility, this is not the best option. In addition, the parking lot, located 10 minutes from the beach and with a beach bar, also fills up very easily. Another alternative to get there is by bus from Ciutadella or follow a section of the Camí de Cavalls path from Cala Macarella.

Cala Turqueta, Menorca beaches

3. Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana, another of Menorca’s coves located to the south, stands out for the turquoise blue color of its waters, the fine white sand and a beautiful setting of limestone cliffs and pine trees. A few meters away is its little sister, Cala Mitjaneta, where a few people can fit. A good way to get to these two coves is by taking the Camí de Cavalls from Cala Galdana, which will allow you to enjoy, during the half hour that the journey lasts, fantastic views of the sea and these coves, from higher positions. Another option is to park in the Cala Mitjana car park, located a 15-minute walk away, or arrive by bus, which is active during high season.

Cala Mitjana, coves of Menorca

4. Galdana, one of Menorca’s coves

Cala Galdana completes the quartet, together with the three previous ones, of the most famous and photogenic beaches in Menorca. This 300-meter beach is longer than its neighbors and has all the services, so it is more focused on families and people looking for water activities such as jet skiing or kayaking. Despite its urbanization, it still preserves its natural beauty and we believe that it is a perfect beach to combine with other more virgin beaches and enjoy the comfort of lying in a hammock or having a beach bar nearby. After or before planting your towel in the sand, we recommend you go up to the impressive Cala Galdana viewpoint to see the full range of blue waters and walk a section of the Camí de Cavalls towards Cala Mitjana or Cala Macarella. Another highly recommended activity is to book this boat trip that leaves from this beach, considered one of the best boat excursions in Menorca and passes through the most beautiful coves in the south of Menorca such as Macarella, Macarelleta, Turqueta, Son Saura, Mitjana, Trebaluger and Escorxada. To get there you can go by bus from Mahón or Ciutadella, although you can also go by car or motorbike, as there is a car park a few meters from the beach.

Galdana, one of the most beautiful coves in Menorca

5. Pilar Cove

Cala Pilar, a lonely beach in the north, located within a Marine Reserve, is another of the best coves in Menorcaand less crowded. This virgin cove, 240 meters long and with reddish sands, falls in love with its impressive natural environment and its tranquility, as well as being one of the best places to practice snorkeling thanks to its rich seabed. To get to the sand you will have to walk about 40 minutes from the parking lot along a magnificent path where you will be able to appreciate its extensive dune system. Try not to leave the trail so as not to damage the environment and keep in mind that it is forbidden to take mud baths. The only way to get to the beach is by car or motorbike, although you also have the option of booking this romantic sailing trip at sunset that will take you through one of the most beautiful coves in the north, like this one.

Cala Pilar, beaches of Menorca

6. Es Talaier, another of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca

Es Talaier, one of the smallest beaches in Menorca , has the turquoise color of its crystalline waters and fine white sand, characteristic of the south of the island. This beach, only 50 meters long and 80 meters wide, stands out for its shallow waters, which make it ideal for snorkelling. One of its drawbacks is its limited space and that it is very crowded in high season, although it has the advantage of being close to Bellavista beach and especially Son Saura, the largest virgin beach in the south of the island. To get to Es Talaier you can park for free in the Son Saura car park and walk along the fantastic Camí de Cavalls for about 15 minutes.

Cala es Talaier, coves of Menorca

7. Cala Pregonda

Cala Pregona, located in the north of the island, far from civilization, has been the cover of a Mike Oldfield album and is another of the most emblematic coves of Menorca. This beach of reddish and golden sand, marvels for its arid environment reminiscent of a lunar landscape and for some islets that protect it from the strong waves. In addition, its waters are so transparent that they are perfect for snorkeling. Remember that the northern beaches do not have pine trees to shelter from the sun or services, so it is highly advisable to bring a hat and water to protect yourself from the sun. To get to the cove you can park for free on Binimel·la beach and walk for about 30 minutes along rocky terrain. If you do not have a car you can book this catamaran trip along the north coast or this boat trip, both pass through this cove.

Cala Pregonda, beaches of Menorca

8. Algaiarens beaches

Algaiarens or La Vall, made up of two unspoiled coves separated by a rocky outcrop and located to the north of the island, is another of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca . These two beaches have the particularity of having white sand, something unusual in the north, and one of the most transparent waters in all of Menorca. The first beach you will find after walking about 10 minutes from the car park is Playa dels Tancats, the largest and most crowded, while Playa des Bot is quieter. It must be taken into account that many beaches in Menorca , including this one, you can practice nudism freely.

Algaiarens, one of the best beaches in Menorca

9. Cala en Porter

Cala en Porter, surrounded by high cliffs that protect it from the waves and with the incredible Cova d’en Xoroi just a few meters away, is another of the best coves in Menorcato fully enjoy a day of sun and beach. Located near a large urbanization, this beach with shallow waters has all the services, including a children’s playground, which make it ideal for families and those who prefer comfort. You can also book this kayak tour that will take you through the Cales Coves sea caves, a natural environment that will leave you speechless. At sunset we recommend you go to the Cova d’en Xoroi, one of the most famous nightclubs on the island located in a natural cave and with several terraces where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets of your traveling life. You can get to this cove by bus or by car, parking in a parking lot near the beach.

Cala En Porter, beaches of Menorca

10. Cala Escorxada

Our last recommendation on the list of the best beaches in Menorca is Cala Escorxada, an isolated beach where you can take a relaxing bath in its crystal clear waters. To get to this virgin cove of white sand surrounded by a wild natural environment and without any kind of service, you will have to walk about 90 minutes from the Cala Mitjana beach car park. After the effort, nothing better than taking a dip and putting on your snorkel goggles to observe its rich seabed.

Cala Escorxada, coves of Menorca
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