Why opt for a single plan when in “the city that never sleeps” you can do zillions? It is what Madrid has… you love it or you hate it, but if you are one of those who likes to try new adventures, put yourself to the test and of course, have fun without regard, you are in the first group.

It would be very daring to say that in Madrid there are only plans for a certain type of public. Not only is it the antithesis of it, but both in the capital and throughout the Community, multi-adventure activities are scattered throughout the territory to satisfy the desire for fun of everyone who needs it. There are no restrictions or impediments, if you like hiking in the mountains you will find the best hiking trails in the Sierra Norte as if your thing is to push yourself to the limit and you want to do bungee jumping in Buitrago de Lozoya… Do you want it? In Madrid you have it.

The good thing about organizing your multi-adventure plan in Madrid is that you can do it alone or accompanied. It’s great to get to know the city on a Segway route, for example, with your usual friends, but what if they don’t feel like it? Do it yourself and meet people with your same curiosities, it can be a great opportunity to interact with other people beyond your usual circle.

Inevitably when we talk about Madrid our mind travels to its great avenues, but those who are looking for more than a day in the middle of the city are in luck because throughout the Community of Madrid there are hundreds of plans in the middle of nature. Snowshoe routes, horseback riding, paintball fields, climbing days… It is the home of multi-adventures! Its geolocation south of the Central Plateau is a great benefit for the best outdoor adventures, so open your mind and plan something more than a day of shopping in the center of the city.

Who was going to tell you that it would be the “city of cats” that would bring you closer to the wide world of multi-adventures… Have you been wanting to play a game of paintball for some time? You will find the best scenarios to put yourself in the shoes of an authentic soldier and strategist. What do you want to compete with your friends to see who of all has the most coconut? Madrid has some of the best escape rooms (and all thematic ones) in the whole country. What are you looking for to disconnect and see the mountains? Sign up for one of the climbing days that your mountain range offers you. Never underestimate Madrid! Its province gives you the funniest alternatives to a day on the sofa and blanket.

If there is a place to celebrate an unforgettable event that is Madrid. A birthday, a bachelor party, a special getaway… any time is a good time to plan a getaway in Madrid and spread out with your loved ones doing a different activity. The fun is to do something out of the ordinary, so if you are the most calm in the world, why not a game of zorbing? If you are not much of a field person, why not a route on horseback? You will find multi-adventure plans throughout the Community, for the unemployed, for the most romantic, for the most geeky… Madrid does not discriminate, whatever you like, here you will find the best place for one of those celebrations that make history.

The good (or excellent) thing about organizing a multi-adventure plan in the Community of Madrid is that since the alternatives cover so many fields, any month of the year is a good time to do it here. There are both outdoor and indoor experiences, so it doesn’t matter if the time to experience new sensations comes in the middle of winter. Madrid does not rest and less if it is to stop proposing adventures without limits. Which is yours?

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