Airports are facilities through which millions of passengers pass daily; places where we start and end a trip or places of passage between two points. We spend many more hours in them than desired, so their respective leisure offers are increasingly interesting.

However, there are some airfields that would require a trip on their own. This is the case of Hamad , the international airport of Doha , the capital of Qatar , unanimously considered the most luxurious on the planet . Inaugurated in 2014, after nine years of construction -and five years late-, the truth is that it does not pay attention to details.Haman airport, Qatar.

The designers of the project, the prestigious HOK architecture studio in San Francisco, took into account, beyond the beauty of the construction, the comfort of the passengers , something that is perceived when setting foot on it. Its surface area exceeds 22 km2 , after reclaiming 60% of its land from the sea, and its range of services makes it a true oasis in the middle of the desert .

From the air, the vision of the fourth best airport in the world in 2019 according to the World Airport Awards -the most prestigious awards in the sector- already predicts that we are facing something different. And it is that the silhouette of the building with undulating roofs recalls the waves of the sea , the sand dunes and the typical vegetation of the desert.

Once on land, the traveler confirms his suspicions: the facilities are the most spectacular. A glass and steel structure – in its construction ten times more of this material was used than in the Eiffel Tower – welcomes you. The feeling, despite the traffic, is one of tranquility and silence .Waiting room of Hamad airport, Qatar.

5 star services

After a long trip, what could be better than practicing physical exercise to loosen up the body, burn calories and relax while we wait for the next flight? Doha, the main hub of Qatar Airways, has it all: a fitness center , a 25-meter indoor pool , squash courts , and also a spa with beauty treatments or to combat jet lag.

In addition to taking care of the body, the aerodrome has spaces reserved for the care of the soul: rooms set up for prayer , as well as mosques . One of them, really spectacular, is outside the terminal. Built in the shape of a drop of water, it allows you to enjoy beautiful views.

Those who prefer to spend their time contemplating art, have it easy. The airport has an excellent selection of art from great national and international creators, curated in collaboration with Qatar museums. One of the best known and most iconic pieces is Lamp Bear , by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer.Lamp Bear , by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer.

Shopping is another of the most interesting options for shopping fans . How could it be otherwise, numerous luxury boutiques make an appearance , some of which we could find in the most chic avenues of big cities, such as Rolex, Gucci or Swarovski, Harrods or Dior.

In Hamad no one will go hungry. And it is that the gastronomic offer is up to the task, with restaurants of the most select and varied cuisines . From Arabic food establishments, to Italian, through American or international.

If the stopover is long and requires you to stay more than five hours in the Qatari facilities, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the city through a guided tour – day or night – of the most emblematic attractions and monuments such as Katara, The Pearl, the Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Waqif.The Al Mourjan VIP lounge, Qatar.

On the way back, business travelers can relax in the Al Mourjan VIP lounge , a spectacular space that occupies no more and no less than 10,000 m2. Although if the journey is with an economy class ticket, it is not a problem, the aerodrome has other rooms in which to relax for a fee, and with bed-type seats in which to take a nap.

Those who want to sleep in a real bed can do so for three to 24 hours at the Oryx Airport Hotel , a five-star property inside the terminal with top-notch services. Rest is guaranteed.

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