Clearing your mind in an outdoor space is often enough to enjoy vacation time. The fact of resting in a natural environment , can meet the expectations or needs of the body, however there are those who prefer to take advantage of that moment in another way, accessing activities with some physical demand but fundamentally fun. So then, adventure tourism emerges as an ideal alternative to take advantage of vacations and in Argentina there are many places with conditions to cover that need. 

The good thing about adventure tourism is that the natural resources that exist in the chosen place are generally used or rather taken advantage of . In this way, in addition to the activity itself, you can admire the landscapes , get to know the territory and more. In summer, destinations with water activities stand out much more , but this element is not always necessary, as there are many other possibilities and scenarios where you can venture on vacation. 


3 places for adventure tourism in Buenos Aires

If you want to do adventure tourism , but it is not possible to travel thousands of kilometers, there is no problem. This is because within the Province of Buenos Aires there are also places that are highly prepared to fulfill this aspect and offer adventurous activities on vacation. You can spend days in full contact with nature and stay in high-level places, with a lot of comfort .

The mountains are the ones targeted to cover the need for adventure tourism

The Buenos Aires destination par excellence for this type of activity is the  Tornquist district , where the humid pampa completely changes its conditions and gives rise to the mountain range that makes up the well-known Ventania System. Hills, forests, valleys, slopes, caves , among other things, stand out in this extension of high altitude territory in Buenos Aires, being the Cerro Tres Picos , with 1239 meters above sea level, the highest in the entire Province. They are ideal places to do activities such as trekking, with marked paths that lead to beautiful culmination points such as the “Hueco de la Ventana” , the “Garganta del Diablo” and the “Piletones Naturales” .

Same region but a few kilometers away , another district in the Province that has a lot to offer in terms of adventure tourism, is  Tandil . There you can rappel, climb, zip line, cable rail, canoeing, bicycle circuits, trekking, night walks, paragliding and more. The mountains of Buenos Aires are then a feasible option for adventure tourism, without the need to travel a large number of kilometers.


Adventure tourism on the Paraná River in San Pedro

Summer, water, adventure activities and without leaving Buenos Aires . All this is brought together by the Paraná River in San Pedro , in the north of the Province, a perfect place for those who enjoy nature and want to surround themselves with it. The city is located to the right of the Paraná River, almost at the junction and mouth of the Arrecifes River.

Tourism from Sampedrino, as the local name is, is based on activities of a sporting nature , among which are circuits for cycling , horseback riding in the morning or at sunset, and more demanding tours, since they enter sinuous relief areas. You can also establish different levels of difficulty for trekking , visiting ravines, islands and streams. Last but not least, we must mention the different types of canoeing that can be practiced in the streams, canals and lagoons that are formed thanks to the tributary of the Paraná River.


Skydiving in Lobos 

If you think that the most traditional adventure activities are not enough, you are looking for something more adrenaline but you are not sure what or where, skydiving in Lobos may be the answer you are looking for for those adventurous vacations. The city of Lobos is just over 45 minutes by car from the city of Buenos Aires and already has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most recommended places to do this reckless activity.

With the guidance of an expert instructor , you go up in a plane to a height that generally has its maximum at  3,000 meters . Once that figure is reached in the sky, with all the safety equipment previously placed and tied to the instructor, all that remains is to jump. The most vertiginous passage into the void that there can be, a  free fall that lasts between 30 and 40 seconds , depending on the wind, until the parachute opens and a controlled descent begins , with the possibility of observing the entire terrain below with a wide range only. Those who have tried it, highlight that they experience a sensation of freedom that is difficult to match.


The 2 most outstanding destinations in Argentina for its adventure tourism

From south to north, there are places in Argentina that are presented as spectacular options for vacations to take on adventurous color. Find out what these Argentine destinations offer regarding adventure tourism and sign up to live unique experiences , which as the main feature. 

Rafting in Corcovado

Rafting is one of the activities that is most sought after and preferred within adventure tourism , especially on summer vacations, since naturally it is an activity that takes place in the water. An inflatable boat , several people, a guide and oars to advance through mighty rivers , with turns, jumps, slalom between stones and more, result in a guaranteed fun time . If you travel in a group, it cannot be postponed, but otherwise groups are usually formed to which different people can join.


There are rivers in Argentina that present different styles of difficulty for rafting. It depends on the current and the flow of the river in question, as well as the route, due to the jumps and stones that may exist. If it is a family vacation , the ideal is to aim for lower levels , to be able to enjoy it better, on the other hand, if it is a trip with friends or more adventurous , if you can opt for a higher level to increase the adrenaline between rowing and rowing. 

Having said all of the above, the most acclaimed place in Argentina for rafting is Corcovado , in the Province of Chubut, since rafting is combined with very attractive landscapes and sightings , as well as allowing the difficulty to vary in different routes. In fact, such is the fame of rafting in Corcovado that the National Rafting Festival is held there .


Aconcagua Experience in Mendoza

The Aconcagua hill is the highest in America and is located in Mendoza, being possible to enter the Provincial Park that bears its name, to make the ascent. This is a demanding adventure tourism challenge , clearly not recommended as a family experience, but for those who want a challenge that tests their worth in natural settings. 

In any case, the ascent does not necessarily have to be done to the top , something for which a more specific preparation is already necessary, but it can be based on intermediate points of the mountain. The total height of Aconcagua is 6,962 meters above sea level and its most common route takes 4 hours , until reaching the intermediate points Horcones and Confluencia . The last one is the highest, located at 3390 meters above sea level.

Along the way, the view is spectacular and they are postcards that remain for a lifetime, as is the satisfaction of meeting and finishing the challenge of at least reaching the intermediate points of the mountain, which are already quite high.

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