We present the 8 best beaches in Baja California, so prepare a swimsuit, suntan lotion and the equipment for your favorite marine sport. Let’s go!

1. Medano

This beautiful beach in Baja California Sur is the most visited by tourists who vacation in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. It is a beach with little waves, with ideal waters for practicing some water sports that are favored by the calm of the sea, so you can embark on an adventure on a jetski or explore the waters in a kayak; It is also possible to carry out activities such as diving and swimming. The sandbank has first class services, so get ready for a wave of national and international cocktails and delicious seafood. Cabo San Lucas has an international airport, which facilitates the influx of tourists from all over the world to its beaches and other places of interest.

2. Cote d’Azur Beach

Continuing through the south of Baja California, we find this white sand paradise. Costa Azul Beach is an appropriate place to practice sports such as windsurfing and snorkeling; the place is perfectly equipped so that you do not miss anything, such as beach restaurants with exquisite seafood and international food; and shops where you can buy any beach accessory you need. There are also surf instructors, in case you feel like learning this fun sport or perfecting your performance on the fun board.

3. Love Beach

Close to the well-known Arch of Cabo San Lucas, is this beach of fine sand and blue waters. Surrounded by a desert flora full of cacti, it is an intimate place that lives up to its name and where you can breathe an aura of peace and tranquility. Access to Playa del Amor is only by means of a panga (small boat); From this you can see one of the main attractions of the place, the famous Arch, where the waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez meet with those of the Pacific Ocean. In Playa del Amor you can practice water sports, observe biodiversity and take spectacular panoramic photos of this unique and admirable paradise.

4. Magdalena Bay

On the western coast of Baja California Sur we find the interesting Bahía Magdalena. With 50 km of extension, it is one of the main marine ecosystems in the world, with a great variety of species such as ducks, herons, sea lions, dolphins and sea turtles, which makes Bahía Magdalena a very visited place by lovers of nature. ecology around the world. A relevant natural phenomenon in Bahía Magdalena is the migration of the gray whale. Near Bahía Magdalena are the Laguna de San Ignacio and the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve; Both are ideal spaces for ecotourism due to the different species of fauna that can be found in the place.

5. The Owl

We recommend this beautiful beach in Baja California Sur to lovers of sun and white sand. On this beach you can enjoy your favorite water sport; In addition, El Tecolote has a wide variety of restaurants, where the problem will be choosing between all the delicious seafood that any of these places can offer you. We recommend this beach to spend a family day with all the comforts and recreational activities that you can think of.

6. The Barrels

The charming turquoise blue of the waters is the letter of presentation of Los Barriles. This paradisiacal beach in southern Baja is an intimate and lonely place. The most practiced activity in the area is sport fishing; It is not for nothing that the area is considered the world capital of marlin, which is why hundreds of professional fishermen congregate in the place during the months of May and October to measure strength in international fishing competitions. Near the beach you can find small hotels and bars so you don’t have to leave the sand when you feel like a drink or a snack.

7. El Caimancito Beach

In the vicinity of this beach you can see rocks that form silhouettes similar to alligators and that give this white sand paradise its name. El Caimancito is a jewel of the Pacific in Baja California Sur, with a varied ecosystem where you will find seagulls, pelicans and other species of marine fauna. It is a place with a relaxed and youthful atmosphere, where bikini competitions and other fun events are held in high season. The large number of informal restaurants and bars along the beach make it the favorite place for young tourists looking for action.

8. Rosarito Beach

Passing north of Baja California, we arrive at Playa Rosarito. Of great international renown, it has a large number of hotel complexes around it. In Rosarito there are plenty of places where you can have a cold beer or enjoy exquisite international food on the beach. The beach water is cold and the sunsets are beautiful. During the night there is a lot of partying in places near the beach, so if you are looking for 24-hour fun, this is the side of Baja that you need.

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