Going for hotels with a private beach is always a good decision for summer vacations. You can go directly from the room with the towel, without having to worry about anything at all. Lie down in a hammock, take a bath or simply enjoy the views.

Hotels with private beaches are sometimes located on private islands and others are located on the coast, in National Parks or in areas with difficult access. Be that as it may, they are perfect places to enjoy luxury travel experiences such as snorkeling or diving, sailing or letting yourself be caressed by the sun’s rays.

We have selected the 8 most interesting hotels with private beaches for your next vacation. We hope you like them as much as we do.

1. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa is one of the hotels that we highlighted in our special luxury villas . At that time, the reason was its villas completely surrounded by the tropical jungle facing the sea, but today we focus on another aspect of this five-star hotel.

Zanzibar Villas

Beyond the integration into nature of its villas, it also has a first class private beach. White sand, crystal clear waters and, in addition, all kinds of activities available such as diving, kayaking or kitesurfing. A way to unite the most absolute luxury with one of the best beaches in Zanzibar .

beach terrace

From the hotel villas , you just have to take a small path for a few minutes to get out of the jungle and suddenly face the ocean. With some villas that combine tradition and avant-garde in their finishes, the beach area also tries to highlight this aspect.

Cabin hotel Zanzibar

Likewise, the hotel has a fantastic common pool and different smaller private pools if we prefer sea water, as well as a spa where you can enjoy all kinds of wellness treatments. And if what interests us is gastronomy, it also has one of the best luxury restaurants on the island.

2. North Island Resort (Mahe, Seychelles)

Another option that I have to point out is the North Island Resort . In this case we are facing a very special place, especially if we are looking for a place that is 100% sustainable . In fact, the North Island Resort was the winner of the award for the most sustainable destination in the world in 2019.

North Island beach

This is one of the best hotels on private islands and is located north of the island of Mahé , the main Seychelles , from which it is easily reached by boat, plane or helicopter. However, being there is feeling completely in the middle of nowhere.


The hotel has only 11 villas, which makes the island’s beaches, all private since only those staying at the hotel can access them, true paradises that are practically deserted. In fact, the resort allows you to choose between its villas on granite stones or directly on the beach itself.

Hotel North Island

The hotel has a spa, an all-inclusive option and, above all, it stands out for its biodiversity program, which allows us to enjoy the flora and fauna of Seychelles during our stay, knowing that we are going to contribute to the conservation of an ecosystem that is unique in the world. .

3. Soneva Jani (Noonu Atoll, Maldives)

Soneva Jani is one of the most interesting private beach hotels. This is not a hotel on a private island but, even more impressive, it is an archipelago with 5 different islands, in addition to having several villas over the water with a sea slide included.

Soneva Jani

This hotel is located inside a coral lagoon with a size of 5.6 square kilometers. Therefore, it is a true paradise for snorkeling and diving and has a great commitment to sustainability.

Villa Soneva

The five islands of the complex have their private beaches for hotel residents, offering the highest level of luxury, privacy and comfort. Of course, there are also private pools, several fancy restaurants and even the possibility to fish and cook your own fish in your kitchen.

summer cinema

With an open-air cinema, a tennis court, an astronomy center and all kinds of activities in nature, the Soneva Jani is the opposite of boredom. Participating in coral planting or turtle conservation programs is a good way to feel more in tune with one of the most incredible places on the planet.

4. Nizuc Cancun Resort & Spa (Cancun, Mexico)

Among the luxury resorts with private beaches, we cannot forget Nizuc Cancun Resort & Spa . Although it is very close to Cancun itself, it is located in the middle of nature, and you can only access the enclosure to go to the hotel.

Nizuc Resort Spa

With five diamonds, it is considered one of the leading luxury hotels in Mexico with extensive facilities that include individual villas, luxury suites, several private beaches and tropical gardens.

Chiringuito Aqua Blue

It is a large hotel, with 274 villas and suites located in the middle of the Mexican tropical jungle and on the shores of the Caribbean Sea . For this reason, there is also the possibility of doing different excursions and activities both in the jungle and in the sea, being able to go kayaking, scuba diving or learn more about the great biodiversity of the region.

Nizuc's room

It has a first-class spa in which there are different treatments based on the latest innovations without neglecting the most traditional elements, as well as a wide range of luxury cuisine with restaurants for all tastes.

5. Hotel Resort Saint John (Mykonos, Greece)

Another incredible place is the Hotel Resort Saint John , on the island of Mykonos. Located in an area of ​​20,000 square meters of virgin coastline in the Agios Ioannis area , it allows you to discover the Greek islands in an incredible way, both in its villas and sunbathing on its private beach.

Saint John Mykonos

In the style of the beaches of Mykonos , in this case we have a smaller cove at the foot of the cliff where the hotel is located. Here there are different umbrellas and sunbeds for people to enjoy the calm waters of the Aegean.

Playa Saint John Mykonos

Also noteworthy is the Aphrodite Spa, which, honoring its name of the goddess of love and beauty, has everything you need to take care of your skin and give you the best treatments. Or its tennis court for athletes and its restaurant by the sea with first-class Mediterranean cuisine.

room saint john mykonos

Nor can we forget the quality of its rooms, with the utmost luxury decorated in white tones and respecting the tradition of the islands in which we find ourselves.

Greece September 2022

6. Pine Cliffs Resort Algarve (Albufeira, Portugal)

The Pine Cliffs Resort Algarve is a resort with a private beach that has everything we imagine we could need for a dream vacation. Located in one of the places to see in Portugal , we can enjoy hiking, golf, kayaking, surfing, water skiing and many other activities.

Pine Cliffs Pool

In fact, it not only has a golf course, but also an academy to learn to practice this sport, a video game room, a kids’ club, a soccer field, an outdoor pool, a spa, and an indoor heated pool, making it perfect for everyone. year.

Mare Pine Cliffss

However, what makes it one of the best hotels with private beaches is the exclusive access from the hotel to Praia da Falésia , where one of the resort’s restaurants is also located, Mare at Pine Cliffs .

Pine Cliffs Room

The rooms, on the other hand, also respect the traditional Portuguese identity, bringing the maximum luxury to traditional elements from the neighboring country such as tiles.

7. The Brando (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

The Brando is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in French Polynesia . Being a hotel on a private island, we are face to face with several different beaches for the exclusive use of the visitors of its 35 villas, which are practically invisible from the sea.

The Brando

In fact, this is a hotel that stands out for being completely eco-sustainable. It is built with natural materials, no plastic is used, it generates its own water with a desalination plant and both the plant and the rest of the hotel are 100% solar powered.

The Brando Isla

The air conditioning, for its part, is achieved through cold water located 800 meters deep, making the entire operation of the hotel completely natural. The Brando also has professionals such as marine biologists and veterinarians who ensure that all the activities we carry out are sustainable and do not endanger the species that live in the area, but rather a bird sanctuary and an egg-laying place for turtles. .

The Brandon's Explorer Center

Likewise, in the rooms we not only see sustainability, but also a complete commitment to the greatest possible luxury. Spa, private and common pool and everything you need to have an experience that we will never forget.

8. Hotel Resort Isla Palenque (Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama)

Continuing with the best hotels with private beaches, we arrive at the Gulf of Chiriquí , in the Panamanian Caribbean. Here, on a private island, we find the Hotel Resort Isla Palenque .

Isla Palenque Resort Pool

This resort has different luxury cabins located in front of the beach, right where the tropical forest of the island begins. Thus we have beach and jungle in a single location, with a combination of traditional and contemporary elements that have made it one of the favorite destinations for celebrities.

Palenque Island Room

Completely sustainable, it has a spa, outdoor pool and various dining options. The beach also offers different activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or sailing on a sailboat to learn more about one of the most unknown places in the Caribbean.

Palenque Island Panama
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