Guide to the most beautiful relaxation beaches in Italy: what are and where are the secret beaches, hidden coves, bays known only by the locals.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Italy? Deserted and pristine beaches.

Let’s find out together which are the last pristine beaches in Italy , where you can often only get there on foot, along winding and little-known paths, or by boat and which only the locals know and frequent.

Corners of uncontaminated paradise, coves and glimpses , defined as the pearls of Italy, where true relaxation is achieved because it is not invaded by too predatory and invasive mass tourism.

Let’s see in detail which are the deserted and secret beaches of Italy and the directions to reach them.


Cala Goloritze Sardinia

Cala Goloritze as well as being one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches in the world , has been featured in all the best tourism magazines for years and is located in one of the most fascinating coastal stretches of the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia where the sea and the mountains are perfect harmony.

Become a protected National Monument since 1995, Cala Goloritze was formed in 1962 due to a landslide detached from the sandstone wall, it is composed of very small and very white pebbles and the sea is nothing short of crazy and just look at the photo below to realize it .


Good Sleeping Beach – Palinuro

The Spiaggia or Baia del Buon Dormire is one of the wonders of Italy and has been compared by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand thanks to the soft and fine golden sand, the emerald sea and the landscape context in which it is located.

This beautiful beach is wild and unspoiled but during the high season it is overrun by tourists who want to take unique photos and want to have an indelible memory to keep with them for life.

The Buon Dormire beach can only be reached by sea, the only “pedestrian” entrance is exclusive to the 4-star King’S Hotel which admires the bay from the top of the cliff and to reach it we advise you to go to the Marinella beach and rent a pedal boat which will take you to your destination in 10 minutes.

Laguna del Morto – Eraclea Mare (Venice)

It is a large beach located close to a small coastal lagoon formed by the accumulation of silt and sand carried by the sea current and the Piave river.

Lagoon of the Dead

It can be reached by taking the San Donà di Piave exit of the A4 and taking the state road that leads to San Donà to continue up to Eraclea Mare.

After having parked the car, walk along a path that runs alongside the lagoon and enters a beautiful pine forest, after which this splendid beach is found.

Punta Corvo – Tellaro (Spezia)

Punta Corvo is a beach located in an inlet of the Montemarcello promontory , which divides Liguria from Versilia, and is located near Tellaro , after Lerici .

The beach is accessed by sea from Bocca di Magra through the barges that serve tourists, or along a fascinating staircase overlooking the sea.

From the enchanting scenery of Punta Corvo, you can enjoy an exceptional panorama of Porto Venere to the west and the coast of Versilia to the east.

Rosselle and the Tombs – Elba Island (Livorno)

Rosselle and Tombe are among the wildest and most deserted beaches on the island of Elba . They are often referred to as a single location because they are separated only by a short stretch of cliff.

Reachable from Pomonte and Fetovaia by following the provincial road and taking two steep paths that descend to the sea between marine cistus, broom and rosemary.

Both beaches are very quiet, made of gravel and pebbles, set in a barren and steep stretch of coast, characterized by a suggestive wild and uncontaminated landscape.

Bassona beach – Fosso Ghiaia (Ravenna)

Protected behind by a large pine forest, the Bassona beach, at Fosso Ghiaia, between Ravenna and Cervia, is included in the Bevano mouth nature reserve .

Bassona beach

To get to the beach you have to follow the white gravel road which crosses the SS 16, at Fosso Ghiaia , turns east towards the mouth of the Bevano .

It is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand, with a wild and uncontaminated charm, with a wide and kilometre-long coastline, bordered by a luxuriant pine forest and a clear sea with sloping and sandy bottoms.

Cala Violina – Punta Ala (Gr)

The beach of Cala Violina is characterized by very fine white sand and clear and transparent waters with backdrops of rare beauty, formed by banks of Poseidonia Oceanica and large sandstone boulders, among which fish of all sizes can be seen.


Surrounded by thick and luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, it is the ideal place to relax and indulge in the right amount of relaxation.

It can be reached from the north by following the state road in the direction of Follonica and then Punta Ala .

Chiaia di Luna – Ponza (Latin)

It is the most famous and spectacular beach on the island of Ponza .

Caged for safety reasons due to frequent landslides, it can be reached from the town’s port via a tunnel built in Roman times.

The coast is of clear sand, very narrow and dominated by majestic vertical cliffs overhanging the sea.

Only a stretch of beach is equipped and offers some services.

The sea is beautiful, of an intense turquoise, crystalline and transparent, with sandy and sloping seabed, ideal for bathing and swimming.

Berchida – Siniscola (Nuoro)

Berchida beach is characterized by white sand and wonderful sea.

It extends from Capo Comino almost to Orosei , between inlets and beaches .

It is a real corner of paradise on earth not yet contaminated by mass tourism .

Berchida is considered one of the most beautiful and alluring beaches in the world.

It can be reached by turning at km 65.3 of the coast road which leads from Capo Comino to Posada and following a short dirt road.

Conca dei Marini – Amalfi Coast (Sa)

The Conca dei Marini beach is set in a splendid stretch of the Amalfi coast , between cliffs overlooking the sea dotted with characteristic villages clinging to the cliffs.

This is a splendid and suggestive pebble beach, dominated and surrounded by rugged cliffs.


The sea is clear, turquoise with gravel bottoms and rich in marine fauna, ideal for lovers of swimming and snorkelling .

To reach the beach it is necessary to exit the Naples – Salerno motorway at Vietri , and then continue towards Amalfi : Conca dei Marini is located about 5 kilometers from the center of Amalfi, in the direction of Positano, along State Road 163.

Cala Iunculla or Cala Janculla – Costa Viola (Reggio Calabria)

At the center of the Costa Viola , so called for the color of its waters, it is one of the most spectacular marine landscapes that Calabria offers .

The beach is splendid, characterized by very white sand framed by high rocks, a magnificent cave accessible by boat, and “overlooks” right on the scenery of the Strait and the Aeolian Islands.

The Viola coast is one of the most spectacular marine landscapes that Calabria offers: so called for the incredible color of its waters, it winds from Capo Barbi to the cliff of Scilla, along the Tyrrhenian coast, where the rugged ridges of the Aspromonte fall directly at sea.

It can only be accessed from the sea.

Porto Selvaggio – Nardo (Lecce)

The beach of Porto Selvaggio still preserves the original characteristics of the rocky coast intact, given that between Torre dell’Alto and Torre Uluzzo there are no infrastructures and the locality.

It is a long rocky beach immersed in an uncontaminated and virgin scenery, bordered by thick vegetation and Mediterranean scrub, especially broom and mastic trees.

The sea that bathes it is beautiful, crystalline and of an extraordinary transparency, with shades from turquoise to cobalt blue.

It can only be reached on foot, along a path halfway up the hill surrounded by pine trees and mastic trees from Torre Uluzzo .

Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa (Agrigento)

It is one of the most famous in the entire Mediterranean for the color of its waters and the deposition of turtles’ eggs .

It is about 4.5 km from the village and can be reached by first taking the Capo Ponente road and after having parked the car or scooter, proceed on foot along a downhill dirt road for a few hundred meters (about 15 minutes of walking) and thus we reach a panoramic point from which a magnificent view of the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean opens up.

Rabbit Beach - Lampedusa

From here you have to go down again for about 300 meters and you arrive at the actual beach.

This is the heart of the national park where on these white sands, the only site in Italy, the Caretta turtle lays its eggs every year.

In this amazing scenario, the chromatic intensity of the colors of the sea and the shapes of the white limestone rocks that surround the cove and the islet constitute a unique spectacle in the world.

I greet you hoping that these pristine (or almost) pristine beaches will remain so for a long time to come.

To find out about other enchanting beaches, consult the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Lagoon of the Dead

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