There are many fantastic beaches in the world. That is why dozens of different lists could be made and they would all be valid. These ten that I propose bring together all the elements that you always dreamed of to define paradise.

Whitehaven (Australia)

The Hayman Islands are one of 74 islands in the Whitsunday Archipelago, off the coast of Queensland . It stands out above all others because it is home to Whitehaven , the most fabulous beach on this portion of the Australian coast. Maya Bay (Phi Phi Islands, Thailand)

Maya Bay (Phi Phi Islands, Thailand)

Suffice it to say that The beach , the film starring Leonardo di Caprio in 1999, was shot here to define what Maya Bay is like , the most famous of the  Phi Phi islands’ sandy beaches . Located two hours by boat from Phuket, Phi Phi is the most fantastic place on the entire Thai coast. They consist of two major islands and 4 islets. The famous beach of the film, a compendium of tropical beauties, is on the second of the main islands, Phi Phi Ley.Matira Beach (Bora Bora, Polynesia Francesa)

Matira Beach (Bora Bora, Polynesia Francesa)

Matira is the only public beach on the island of Bora Bora , an atoll in French Polynesia located northwest of Tahiti . A dream for photography and nature lovers with medium-grain sand and a sea of ​​impossible colors where crystalline greens and blues play to compose dream postcards. 

Anse Source de Argent

Anse Source de Argent

Experts say that Seychelles has the best beaches in the world . And it is very possible, because in this tropical archipelago in the Indian Ocean , northeast of Madagascar , there are several dream beaches. What is certain is that here is the most photographed beach in the world: Anse Source d’Argent . This incredible rocky cove is located on the island of La Digue, one of the main islands of the archipelago. Its beauty lies in the perfect harmony with which the pinkish sands, the huge coconut palms and the large polished stone domes that border the beach combine and make up one of the most incredible visual spectacles of the Republic of Seychelles, whose 115 islands and islets add up to a total area of ​​just 455 km².Turtle Island (Costa Rica)

Turtle Island (Costa Rica)

Located off Punta Arenas , in the Gulf of Nicoya, Isla Tortuga is the epitome of a lush, tropical island. A universe of rain forests, palm groves, flowers, birds, mountains… all surrounded by waters that range from transparent green to turquoise blue. Pink Sands Beach, (Harbour Island, Bahamas)

Pink Sands Beach, (Harbour Island, Bahamas)

In an archipelago where fantasy beaches abound, one stands out above the rest. It is Pink Sands Beach , a huge sandbank almost 5 km long on Harbor Island , an elongated islet of the Eleuthera group, in the north of the Bahamas , whose peculiarity is the striking pink color of its silica grains.Benagil (Algarve, Portugal)

Benagil (Algarve, Portugal)

The Algarve , the southernmost region of Portugal , is a famous tourist destination both for its charming villages and good cuisine and for its huge beaches open to the Atlantic. One of the most famous is Praia de Benagil , in the municipality of Lagoa . What makes it different from all of them is the great cavern that opens up on one side of the beach, whose stone arches and hollows give life to a unique play of light, color and chiaroscuro. The cave is only accessible by boat; do not try to swim because the currents are dangerous.Flamenco Beach (Puerto Rico)

Flamenco Beach (Puerto Rico)

Playa Flamenco is the most beautiful sandbank on the island of Culebra, one of the islets that surround Puerto Rico . For several decades, Culebra was used as a naval base and firing range by the US Navy, a situation that generated many protests from the population and caused great social problems. In return, this military condition meant that the island was hardly urbanized, which is why it has survived to this day in exceptional conditions of environmental conservation. Playa Flamenco is the perfect summary of Puerto Rican coastal nature. Barra de Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro)

Barra de Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro)

Rio de Janeiro offers 83 kilometers of beaches, two of them world famous: Copacabana and Ipanema . But where the most select of the Rio jet really meets now, those impossible bodies in incredible thongs, is in Barra de Tijuca, a sandy area south of the city , in the neighborhood of the same name, on the other side of the São Paulo tunnel. Conrad. Barra de Tijuca is a showcase of vanities where film and TV artists, national and international celebrities and young people of both sexes with sculptural bodies meet. The natural environment is not far behind either: the beach is surrounded by brackish water lagoons, hills, forests, palm trees and a sea of ​​greenish waters with a succession of waves much appreciated by lovers of the south, windsurfing and bodyboarding. Bangaram (India)

Bangaram (India)

A sheltered bay with coral reefs, incredibly extensive, beautiful and lonely sandbanks and turquoise blue waters. Such is the beach of this tropical island located about 340 kilometers from the coast of Kerala, in India , where there is no human presence other than a resort with 30 luxury cabins perfectly integrated into the environment. Bangaram is the jewel of the Lakshadweep Archipelago, a group of islands in the Arabian Sea . A place frequented by divers and fishing enthusiasts where, in addition to these activities, there are not many other things other than listening to the sound of the waves, seeing how the palm tree tops sway or taking long walks through its pristine waters aboard a kayak.

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